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Related to genderflux, Endogender is when one has fluctuating gender feelings but are always at least partially masculine (endoboy), feminine (endogirl), or other (endogender/endononbinary). 
Ex. an Endogirl is when one has fluctuating feminine gender feelings but never feelings that are not at least partially feminine.

From the Latin root “endo” meaning “within”

This design is by Anonymous. Created to be more accessible for people with eye-strain and other sensory issues!

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THANK YOUU :D I thought I was girlflux, but.. I never felt less female than librafeminine. This is perfect! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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OH MY GOODNESS this literally describes me ???? so well ?????? like i could be dysphoric ( feeling male ) but still be like "ok i'm a boy but like....a girl" it's SO confusing but this is such a perfect label thank you i love you