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Dissociate- (as in dissociatesexual / dissociateromantic etc): Someone who dissociates regularly while engaging in sexual/romantic/etc. activity, often leaving the individual confused as to what their orientation is.

Edit: While I'm not going to tell anyone not to use labels (unless it's like sapiosexual, but that's another story) regular dissociation while engaging in sexual/romantic/etc acts, is not healthy and you should seek help if possible. Here's a post explaining more about it (even if the wording is a bit iffy) [Link]

Designed by: beyond-mogai-pride-flags

Note: This user is known for adding or creating flags for some pretty iffy terms, but I don’t believe they are trolling; rather, it seems more like they’re trying to add flags to make everyone happy, whether or not the identity is oppressed or not. I'm always open to helping create alternatives if you're not comfortable using something made be them!

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Hey there, this was the term of the original post: dissociatsexual
The original flag for this was this:…
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this is so me heh heh heh