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[,daɪə'mɔɹɪk] (dye-uh-MOR-ick): From the Greek prefix “dia-”, meaning “passing through”, “going apart”, and “thoroughly/completely” and the Latin “amor” for love.

Diamoric is an intentionally flexible, loose term that describes a personal identity or a relationship (sexual, romantic, platonic etc.) that is neither “straight” nor “gay” due to the presence of one or more non-binary people. 

An Identity:

A diamoric person is a person who prioritizes NB people and NB partnerships in their life. Note: Only a non-binary person can claim diamoric as an identity. 

A Descriptor:

A diamoric relationship or attraction is one that involves at least one non-binary person. Note: Any relationship that includes a non-binary person is diamoric - even if one of the partners is binary.

A more detailed explanation can be found [Here].

Flag meanings:
  • Green: non-binary
  • White: following the pattern of the Sapphic and Achillean flags.
  • Myrtle: the flower sacred to Aphrodit(e/us) and Adonis, whose relationship may be said to be diamoric.

Coined by: Unknown

Designed by: Auriga La Fresne

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oh. my. god. i wish i knew about this sooner! this is absolutely me, to a T!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this, now I have all my labels in place and I feel so good about it. You're doing good here, buddy! Thank you!
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