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Gxrl: A gender that is both girl and agender/no gender. You can be a girl and agender/no gender at the same time, go between them, or fluctuate between feeling female and not feeling gender.

Emphasizes being female.
Spelled gxrl with an X instead of an I as if you’re crossing out that you’re a girl.
Kinda similar to demigirl (where agender/no gender is the non-girl part), agenderflux (with fluctuations between agender and female), or being genderfluid between agender/no gender and female.
Can be used as transgxrl if you chose to, but only if you’re amab (similar to trans feminine being exclusively for amab trans people).

Demigender: A gender identity that feels partially like one gender and partially like some other (usually non-identified nonbinary) gender. So, for instance, someone can be a demiboy, and feel partially like a boy but partially not.
The demi label may be placed in front of any other gender label. It is most frequently seen as demigirl or demiboy, but can also be used with nonbinary genders and can be used with more than two genders (someone can be demigirl, demiboy, and deminonbinary). There's more subsets like magigender (mostly one gender, a bit another(s)), nanogender (a tiny bit one gender, mostly another(s)) hemigender (exactly half one gender and half another(s))

Flag meanings: A combination of the demigender and bxy flags.
Coined by: sadghostbxy
Designed by: Mod Hermy (By request)

(Mostly) complete dictionary of gender and orientation labels:

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Orientations: Link.
And here’s the text-only version: Link.

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I found this by searching "amab girl"