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Demigender: A gender identity that feels partially like one gender and partially like some other (usually non-identified nonbinary) gender. So, for instance, someone can be a demiboy, and feel partially like a boy but partially not.
The demi label may be placed in front of any other gender label. It is most frequently seen as demigirl or demiboy, but can also be used with nonbinary genders and can be used with more than two genders (someone can be demigirl, demiboy, and deminonbinary).

 A gender that closely represents/is most closely represented by another gender, but is not that gender. Can be likened to what the color off-white is to white for descriptive purposes. Similar in definition to paragender and perigender.

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Designed by Honorary Mod Loki as a combo of the offgirl and demigender flags.
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I don't understand what offgender is
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I think the color analogy is the best way to explain it. To elaborate, let's associate: "white" is to "girl" as "off-white" is to "off-girl"..."Off-white" describes a color that looks not quite "fully/totally/purely" the color white, so to apply "off-" to gender is to say that "off-girl" describes a person that feels not quite "fully/totally/purely" the girl identity. In short, gender has as many different versions as color does. Does that make any more sense?
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