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Cutegender/ Gendercute (3)

Cutegender or Gendercute: When your gender is literally anything that fits your definition of "cute".

pink and blue - fem/masc spec
green, purple, pale yellow - NB/neutral

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This is Shirahone Martha's canon gender and no one can convince me otherwise

(… their backstory is a rather obvious transition metaphor and they refer to themself by name instead of using "watashi", "boku" or any personal pronouns in Japanese; they're also very cuteness-inclined and emphasize it whenever possible; i love them, they're my fave character in this series and i hc them as non-binary, so, discovering gendercute made me squee because it fits martha so well)
I'm partially orangutan. What's my gender?
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whatever floats your boat, half-orangutan person
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me, cause Iam demigirl, I'm partially girl, partially cutegender, and  partially genderfluer, and most the endless void 
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Is there a demigender of this?
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It would just be demicutegender/demigendercute, but if you mean a flag, we could make that for you, or you could, or you could tell us what you want and we'll put it together.

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So, is it an aesthetic gender? Or is it a type of poly/pangender?
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This would be an aesthetic gender.

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I'm not this, but this is definatley a cute flag, lol
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thats some ✓good shit
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:D I like LGBT flags better than the straight ones
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