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Bxy (pronounced like boy) 

A gender that is both boy and agender/no gender. You can be a boy and agender/no gender at the same time, go between them, or fluctuate between feeling male and not feeling gender. 

  •  Emphasizes being male.
  •  Spelled bxy with an X instead of an O as if you’re crossing out that you’re a boy. 
  • Kinda similar to demiboy (where agender/no gender is the non-boy part), agenderflux (with fluctuations between agender and male), or being genderfluid between agender/no gender and male. 
  • Can be used as trans bxy if you chose to, but only if you’re afab (similar to trans masculine being exclusively for afab trans people).
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omg omg omg i didnt know there was a word for this