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Bigender: A gender identity under the polygender, nonbinary, and transgender umbrella terms. Bigender people have two distinct gender identities, either at the same time, or at different times. The latter is a form of genderfluid identity, and may involve only two distinct genders, or it may involve "shades of gray between the two." The two genders of a bigender person can be the two binary genders, female and male. This is what people usually assume bigender means. However, some people who identify as bigender have a different pair of genders. For example, their two genders might be female and neutrois. Or the two genders might be both nonbinary, such as agender and aporagender. Bigender is recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a subset of the transgender group."

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Hi! Just wanna share that this flag is made by a very problematic person (here's why) and this one is a safer bet y'all (and doesn't imply that all us bigenders are male+female)

Bigender (2)
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American Psychological Association does not exist,just like the extra genders
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You dont decide what genders are real

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there is only 2 genders..the rest are fake

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people keep saying this is the pedosexual flag and they are all stupid
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the pedosexual flag is way different. that flag has yellow in it
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well actually they have multiple different flags which are basically just every flag in existence but with a big white stripe in the middle
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ikr it does look close to it though pedos tryna crawl into the lgbtq+ community are disgusting MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Vomit Barf puke 
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My friend is bigender and I support her/him.
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me!!! 💝💝
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this is one of my favorite pride flags
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I am bigener !  I wanted to know if this is the official flag . please .
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This is the most common as far as I can tell!
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This flag works for me really well since I'm male/female bigender. I present as both at the same time, and switch at times.  I generally use the non binary flag, but I like this version so much better than half the other ones I've sen.
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cocks shotgun
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Sorry to interrupt here but if you were presenting yourself as both genders at the same time and switched, you shouldnt of used the non binary flag. You shouldve used the genderfluid flag.
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Ummm nonbinary is a stand alone gender as well as a catch all for anyone who isn't strictly a man or woman gender wise. Bigender falls under the nonbinary spectrum. Genderfluid is also nonbinary. So someone can use the nonbinary flag when they identify as man or woman. I am so sorry that person snapped at you. I hope my explanation was better. 
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Excuse me? I'm not gender fluid, I'm bigender, thank you very much. Bigender people can preset as either of their genders or both.

Do not explain my gender to me.

Many gender fluid people often identify as being non binary as well. I will define my gender the way I am, without your input.
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aight okay whatever i really dont care
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Then don't comment on other people's gender identity, especially if you obviously don't understand them.
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