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Asensual: Feeling no sensual attraction (Having a desire to engage in sensual acts with a certain individual (kissing, cuddling, hugging, hand holding, etc) Useful for people on the ace/aro spectrum who are uncomfortable with romantic or sexual acts or feel little to no sexual or romantic attraction but do desire sensuality or do feel sensual attraction).

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"Feeling no sensual attraction (Having a desire to engage in sensual acts with a certain individual (kissing, cuddling, hugging, hand holding, etc)"

For me, kissing, cuddling, hugging, hand holding, etc are not sensuality actions, they are romantic actions.
For me, sensual actions are things like flirting, wearing lace lingerie to seduce someone, suck on ice creams/lollipops and other flirtatious acts meant to seduce the opposite gender.
I came here to learn the different between being aromantic and being asensual and now I'm even more confused.
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Kissing, cuddling or holding hands are called sensual actions because they're using your sense of touch, but I know sensual has a popular definition too (that is usually about more provocative actions I would say ?), which can be quite confusing I must admit. :)
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The important thing when differentiating between different types of attraction, and something which is often left out, is that everyone has their own definition of what is sexual, romantic, sensual, etc. It's up to you to define each (if you want to), and then figure out your feelings with regards to those.

As for the difference between aromantic and asensual, it really does come down to this: aromantics don't experience (whatever they define as) romantic attraction, and asensuals don't experience (whatever they define as) sensual attraction. This might seem arbitrary or meaningless if there's no set definition for either, but it signifies at least why people identify in those ways. If you're questioning and this hazy difference/overlap is confusing you, I'd say simply to define both for yourself and figure out your experiences with each, disregarding how others would define them (within reason, of course).

As for why "sensual" is often defined by physical acts such as cuddling, that's because it's assumed to refer to the five senses, which interpret and process physical stimuli. But, again, it need not be the same for you.

We're sorry for any confusion.