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Aromantic: Not feeling romantic attraction. Aromantic describes only the attraction one feels, not the desire or repulsion of the idea of a relationship or romantic acts. They could be repulsed, neutral, or even desire a relationship or romance. They may feel alterous or sensual attraction and engage in alterous or queerplatonic/quasiplatonic relationships. All types of aromantics are valid and there's no right or wrong way to be aromantic. 

Here is what the Colours mean:

Dark Green: Aromanticism

Light Green: Aromantic spectrum

Yellow: Akoiromantics

Grey: Grey aromantics and demiromantics

Black: Quoiromantics

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Designed by:…

All designs in this gallery are HQ and are free to use for anything pride-related! You can download the full size on the right sidebar. Do not hesitate to ask questions, submit new designs, or request combos, I'm happy to help!

Check out my FAQ here if you'd like to know more! There's links to masterlists of all the different genders/orientations I know of too!
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