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Androgyne: A gender identity where a person experiences a blending of genders, or feels that their identity is in between genders. Usually, but not always, people who identify as androgyne feel that their identity is a blending of male and female, or somewhere between those two genders. Androgyne people may or may not choose to present androgynously.

Flag meanings:
  • Raspberry and Green: androgynes whose position on the gender spectrum changes, or who use the term interchangeably with others
  • Mulberry: femandrogynes, or androgynes who are more feminine than masculine
  • Purple: versandrogynes or neutrandrogynes, who are neither more feminine nor more masculine
  • Blue: butchandrogynes, or androgynes who are more masculine than feminine

Designed by: Auriga La Fresne
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