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Aliquis- It's kind of more a simple term mixed by both of the 2 words are Demi- and Pan. Aliquis is like liking someone or, being attracted to someone for who they are/their personality. 

The difference of Aliquis and Pan + Demi:
Aliquis- personality/who they are aspects is more emphasized than Genders and/or Appearances. Then, for Demi- being added to Aliquis' is because of getting to know them enough as friends before start having feelings for them. 
Pan- Because of the same meaning as Aliquis (Which is liking them for their personality/who they are.)
Example: A likes the B person for who B is, or B's personality more regardless of the appearances and/or genders either.
The coined term can be used by anyone and in any orientation as well as combining it with other terms to fit for anyone's wish because of the personality aspect attraction.

Coined by: :iconsebaswalker:
Designed by me (chosen from my flag scraps folder and edited by SebasWalker).
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Is there a way to use this on a profile?
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Theres a download button on the right sidebar for computers, but im not sure on mobile, should be there somewhere!
Cool, yet another term to add to my paragraph. :D
I'm confused... Isn't this basically Speciosexual?
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Not necessarily.
If the "specific traits" from specio- means character/personality traits(patterns of thinking,feeling and behaving) for you, then yes, you could identify as both.
But "specific traits" might also mean physical characteristics, gender alignments, etc. In which case, no, aliquis- would have a different meaning from specio-. ~Ly
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I was looking for something like this for agesss
^^; Sorry for asking you about this (and I forgot to mention it too in the note.), but I wonder... if it could be altered one of the colors from purple/Indigo to a dark teal colored for the Aliquis Term? I mean, without turning it into the same flag with different color, please? Thank you! :D
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Easy peasy
Scrap by Pride-Flags  
More like this?
More like that, and look good ^.^ yeah :3
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