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Akoiqueerplatonic / Lithqueerplatonic



Akoi- Akoine- Lith- or Akoin-  Feeling attraction, but having no desire to have interactions or have feelings reciprocated.
A person who feels a particular kind of attraction, which fades if it is reciprocated or if they enter a relationship with the person they are attracted to.

Queerplatonic, Quasiplatonic, or Quirkyplatonic is described a relationship which is more intense and intimate than is considered common or normal for a "friendship", but doesn't fit the traditional sexual-romantic couple model. It is characterized by a strong bond, love, and emotional commitment, yet is not perceived by those involved as "romantic". The relationship may or may not have some elements or degree of sexuality/eroticism at various times, or none - it doesn't matter, because sexuality/sexual exclusivity is not what the relationship is organized around. It's defined by the intensity and significance of the emotional connection. It’s a popular term within the aromantic community, but not all aromantics feel queerplatonic attraction, and not everyone who feels queerplatonic attraction is aromantic. Similar to alterous attraction but not quite the same.

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