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The prefix affigo (pronunciation: /afˈfiː.ɡoː/) comes from the Latin for: I imprint on, I attach to.

Affigogender is a term for people who were raised with an assigned and imposed gender. They may choose to hold on to and live as that gender (which characterizes a cisgender person), or they may disagree with their gender assignment (which characterizes someone who can identify as transgender). [1]

The flag contains the following colors: black, symbolizing the mourning for bad things caused by the imposition of gender; blue and pink, representing the cisnormative and exorsexist/binarist imposition of gender; and white, a request for peace from gender assignment and imposition.

Term created in 2016 by Rexistencia Não Binária (Nonbinary RExistence, a Brazilian collective).


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For those confused: this does apply to most people, but the growing rate of proper gender-neutral parenting without an assigned gender has made this refreshingly less common, though most anyone old enough to be on deviantart were most likely not raised this way.

So, this is for those who have had a gender that was both assigned legally and enforced by their parents, family, friends, school, etc.