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Google docs of all the terms (that I know of): Genders: I split them up into two docs to make them smaller:  A-K  L-Z And here’s the text-only version: Link. Orientations: Link. And here’s the text-only version: Link. I'm always open to answering questions or designing things, but if I don't know the answer or can't think of a design, you can try asking one of these lovelies too! ~Pastelmemer ( :iconsavvyred: :icondestinysgrace: :iconmanateeinthemoon: :icon1nklash: :iconhunddeskrieges: :iconash-doggie: :iconnonmonoprideflags: Q1: What’s MOGAI? A1: Marginalized Orientations, Gender Allignments, and Intersex. It’s a
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BeckieRGBHobbyist General Artist

Can you add this femme lesbian pride flag please?

Femme Lesbian Pride Flag Reference
hellokittyparty7Hobbyist General Artist

is there a flag thats blue, green, purple, and pink? sort of like the person below's flag but more like proxvir. (proxvir doesn't have enough colors though). i remember one existing but i can't find it and i don't know if it actually does exist. it's not confundogender's flag.

edit. i think i found it lol



Hey, so, I was questioning my gender and I found "Anorexgender". Then, I created Bulimigender as a coping mechanism both to my bulimia and my gender dysphoria. + I think I want to design a dysmorphigender, that has a more inclusive vibe. Anyways, here's the thing.


Bulimigender: when one's gender is affected by bulimia, meaning the disorder has changed how they view their body image and gender dysphoria. It's the bulimia equivalent of Anorexgender.

Flag meaning:

Yellowish green represents the illness itself, since it is opposite to blue violet. Green stands for the nonbinary people who suffer from eating disorders. Turquoise stands for the women/ girls who suffer from eating disorders. Sky blue stands for the men/ boys who suffer from eating disorders. Royal blue symbolizes the depressive symptoms of bulimia. Blue violet is the color of the eating disorders prevention ribbon. The flag is in a gradient to show that eating disorders aren't limited to anorexia and bulimia.

GoombaGrlHobbyist General Artist

Very helpful! :)

VioIetttNew Deviant

What the fuck? These are fake sexualities, gender preference defines sexuality, not personality preference. You're spreading false information. And also, there are only two genders, and yes, I know I'll be attacked for this and have my comment hidden. But you can't seriously think that it's okay to make people think these damn things.

ezgenderNew Deviant

please do some reading

SAND-MUTTStudent Digital Artist
I agree w you sorta, but its not like these are some official terms you have to accept or die lol. Just let ppl be expressive in anyway they want as long as it doesnt hurt them or someone else.

And nah, theres atleast 3 scientifically proven genders (or birth sexes), female and male being opposite ends of the spectrum with mixtures inbetween. I think they call them intersex? They can lean more to one side than the other but are biologically different from the common 2 sexes.

Thanks for sharing your opinion tho, i dont want to attack you none, just sharing mine aswell ;p

Have a good day!