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Right Behind you

clap clap for my original title -.-
so I'm not a big fan of tf2-mlp crossover but I really like the idea of queen chrysalis-spy
a friend request me this draw long time ago
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is perfect spy!! :D
Toa-From-Siberia's avatar
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BLOODEH SPAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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this is awesome!
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Lobo: "give me cover chrysalis!"

Chrysalis: "right behind you buddy!"

Lobo (C) me
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Hehe, despite seeing some TF2-MLP crossovers before I have never seen this combination. Very appropriate. :)
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yeah i could definitely see chrysalis as a spy
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this is some very awesome work =)
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don`t hurt me!!!!!!!!
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Holy crap, this is perfect. Why have I never thought of it before? IT'S A PERFECT MATCH, and I never thought of it.
You have possibly opened a new door for art to be made with this piece, well done!
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You're the first artist who draw Chrysalis in Spy style!
I had long wanted to saw it!!!
Are you Welcome!
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Now do an Assassin's Creed reference.
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Congrats for getting on EQD!
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This... is... PERFECT!

Just what I need for the bad spies for my LBT-TF2 crossover series! Mind if I borrow this?
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HAHA, this is great :3
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This spy is not one of us!
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DEmonios me atrapo, jaja esta genial, te salio perfecta :D
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