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Happy Happy for you

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! tired of drawing cute lunas in xmas tried something more spicy :33 it was kinda a quick drawing
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"Loud Orgasm sound"
My mom walks in
And finish by yourself😏
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...just...uhmm...Astonishing work.
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dat ass *blushes kissing luna*
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I see Hearthswarming Eve is having a full moon tonight! ;)
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"S-sister? W-what is this all about?"
-Smile Luna!
"Give me that camera!"
-Hahaha too late!
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sexy outfit luna
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esta muy bueno hermoso y sexy I am a dummy! 
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sexy and cute. your special somepony is going to be pleased.
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Don't you just love MLP? Where wearing clothes is so much hotter than being naked? It's just so perfect! XD Good job :3 Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon 
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*Hugs her waist to make her more modest ^^;
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Wow! It's great:happybounce: 
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Oh my xD I'm sitting right next to my mom when I open this xDDDDD

But still, it looks awesome and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! : D <3 
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Merry Christmas!!! :)
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Hahahaha Pri wanted to go a more dangerous route! I should commission more spicy stuff on the future so you don't get tired of cute haha
She looks great, Merry Christmas!
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haha, awesome job Pridark!
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the irony if a horse wearing clothes making a picture more sauce than a horse not wearing any.
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yes! always thinking about that
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-turns and runs-
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This is more adorable to me than anything else, Happy holidays everyone.
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