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Comm: Wonderbolt Party

Comm for :iconchriscmoney:
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BEautiful work. I barely seen any piece of just the Wonderbolts in a small celebration, relaxing.
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You did a fantastic job :heart:
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Coco Pommel, what are you doing back there? :O_o:
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That's from a random idea I had to do a crack shipping with a background Wonderbolt and a recurring character. It actually continues from this image:…
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And now, time to name them all
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Awww, this is awesome, all the charters in this are soo cool!
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This is AWESOME!
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Dat Coco is SUU cute!!
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Vapor and Sky... I ship it!!!!
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Wonderbolts forever!
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very cute scene, I like it
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This looks wonderful! I can imagine they're going to have quite the show the following day.

While I love all of the image, I think my favorite bit out of everything is Glyde and Sky. He just looks so happy for his little sis and it's conveyed perfectly with that little smile and blush of his.
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Oh my goodness I love this so much!!!

You did Pencil Sketch so much justice, you even put her Wonderbolts bow in her mane!!!! :excited::love:
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