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Comm: War never changes



"War...war never changes. Since our kind first walked on this planet, we have soaked it in the blood of countless lives, and our history is etched into the bones of the fallen. When the our hate and the violent nature of our kind could no longer be contained....a storm of war swept through our nations, an atomic spark was struck by pony hooves, and spears of balefire and radiation rained from the heavens. In just 2 hours....the world was reduced to embers, and a great darkness feel upon the planet. and a new era emerged from the blanket of radiation to press on, and begin a new bloody chapter in our history. As the embers of a time long gone and forgotten, give a final faint glow, I realize, we live beyond a great cataclysm, among the ashes of those who planted the seed to the world that we now live in. Only...they used the tools of self destruction instead of the seeds of growth and healing, after all....seeds and bullets aren't so different, every war has to start somewhere"

commission for :iconhalo4456: Thanks you so much for your pacience (^3^/)
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War, war never changes...

But ponies do!