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Comm: Magic Sparring

By pridark
commission for :iconstahi:
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Reminds me of a story I read in which it is mentioned members of the Lunar Guard are picked via battle royal, and that to be Guard Captain one must survive longer than sixty seconds in battle against Luna personally.
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Luna needs to brush up on her skills if she can't take down one equestrian guard.
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May be they just start~
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My guess? She's training "Alpha Level" unicorn guards and helping them to practice their shield spells ^_^
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Its a training exercise, you don't kill your opponent during a sparring match.
TumblrBlaze's avatar
She can still put him into submission though. I never said she had to kill him to win. 
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Maybe, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you can't submit an opponent with a DEATH beam.
TumblrBlaze's avatar
How do we know it's a death beam? also, if it is then the argument would then be shifted to the artist. Asking, why Luna would cast a deadly spell if they were merely sparring? I guess it's really just how you interpret the image but if you interpret that as a death beam then that would contradict what you said earlier. or Luna and that guard are just really freaking crazy...
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Augh, death or no, we know its not an "Arm Bar" beam.
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quite cool!  yeah I never thought of it, but they would need training on how to fight with magic, wouldn't they?  ^_^
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Beautiful beautiful! Wow I love how you drew this and the lighting and shading wow
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Train like you fight. Fight like you train! That's the reason our modern forces say that they are simply doing there job. We fought the way we trained....... I like this work!
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
seems like a good story waiting to be told. well done!
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Not really.

Luna:  Sirrah, I want to spar with you.  Post haste!
Scope:  But I'm not even supposed to BE here tonight!  :c
Scope:  ...   :c
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
why not, but he has the eyes, the pose, and the firmness to resist... and I once told that strong females can be struck in awe for one that one stand fast against them ;D
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He's just an ordinary guy! 

..with the ability to level a small town with a barrage of photon torpedoes.
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
oh, can he?
but it is quite an old trick and since you have such a charming character, you might as well invent your own trick ;D
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
hahaha ^_^ but sure a better sound can be called for.
Tell you what, if you find yourself in a need for some impressive display of magic for an image or something, I shall help you if you come to me. Writing of magic and legends is my specialty ;D
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Luna: Come on soldier! Put more energy to it!
Guard: Uh... I'm trying, your highness! I really am!
Luna: That's not enough!!! You want to get killed? Die in vain?
Guard: N-no! I'm... I'm trying my best! You... you are too strong...
Luna: Come on! You can do better!
Guard: Argh! I... I can't take it... anymore...
Luna stopped and landed in front of him.
Luna: Good! You made progress from the last time. I'm pleased.
Guard: *heavy breathing* T-thank you your highness... *breathes* Thank you so much for helping me getting better at shielding....
Luna: But it's not enough. I want you to hold twice the amount of time by next week.
Guard: What?!? But I can't....
Luna: *raise an eyebrow* You said? Be aware that I take some of my free time with you! So be grateful!
Guard: But... but I am very grateful princess Luna! I'm still amazed that your highness waste his time with poor me...
Luna: *chuckle* I'm not wasting time. I saw potential in you. And with that training, you'll become the unicorn with the best shielding technique, close to Captain Shining Armor. I may even transfer you among my guards.
Guard: I.... I'm so honored... *bows* Thank you so much, your highness. I would be an honor to be among the night guards.
Luna: *grin* But first, try to hold longer and prove me that you are worthy of my time.
Guard: Yes, your highness! I am ready!
Luna: Ready for what?
Guard: Continuing today's training. Shoot at will!
Luna: *grin* That's the spirit! I'll use more power this time!
Guard: Uh.... W-what?

Wonderful artwork inspired me this. I had not infos about the unicorn.
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WHY IS HE NOT IN THE ROYAL GUARDS?! WE HAD THIS POWERFUL PONY AND HE IS NOT IN OUR RANK?! *pats Luna on the nose* Hire him... and make him the captain! >:U
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You patted the Princess of the Night on the nose?

How are you not dead yet?
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