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"I can still hear the screams, I can hear the voices ringing in my eardrums, I can still see their faces, I can see the empty shells that once held life, burned and mangled, deprived of their soul by my own hoof. Every heartbeat screams of pain, as if feeding off of the torment of others, even now the war still rages inside, begging for relief. As I hold this rifle...this weapon, made to rip flesh, turn wives into widows, take sons from fathers, turn children into orphans, my hooves tremble at the very thought of taking life...yet again. The sins of our fathers, will lead to the wars of our sons."

2 months have passed since I returned home from the war, for the 6 years I fought, I waited to die, wondered how my friends would react to the news of my death but the grave narrowly avoided me time and time again, the medals tell others I'm a war hero, but my heart tells me I'm a monster...a murderer. I was afraid that the PTSD would ruin my life outside of the military, but I have 3 great reasons to keep pressing on: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

The snow silently fell, blanketing the ground in shining snow, and Ponyville sparkled like the star-filled sky. The snow crunched under our hooves, and our laughs seemed to echo throughout town, The CMC was finally re-united after all this time, we walked side, by side

"Who's excited for the Gala?" Belle randomly asked.

I smiled and looked at Scootaloo, "I know I am!"

she smiled and playfully nudged me, "me too! what about you Bloom?"

Bloom giggled and blushed, "I umm...just got a date."

"Whaaaat?!" I asked aloud,"Who?"

Bloom chuckled, all eyes were on her,"Do you remember Pipsqueak, Rush?"

I laughed, "Yeah I remember that kid! Always wanted to be a pirate."

Bloom smiled, "Yeah! he asked me and I said yes, he's such a handsome stallion now."

I nodded, "But remember, he hurts my friend...I'll break his face." we all laughed, then I looked at Belle, "Who are you going with?"

"Nopony," she abruptly replied, the rest of us gave her a confused look, then she continued, "I have an announcement to make! I will be singing at the Gala with none other than...Octavia!"

We cheered, and congratulated her and she sang aloud, "Thank youuuuuuuu!" her beautiful voice filled the air.

I looked down and noticed that we were all in step, so I began to call Cadence, "Left, right, left right left, Right," The 3 mares laughed, "I don't know what I've been told, Ponyville's winters are mighty cold...war, distance, nor the mighty sea...can separate the CMC, HOOAH!"

We all laughed and held our hooves up, just like old times, and Scootaloo pecked my on the cheek, which made my face warm up, and I hugged her, to which Belle let out a "Aww,"

"I too have an announcement to make," I said aloud, all eyes happily fell on me, "things couldn't be any better for me, but bits have been tight lately,"

Bloom butted in,"Rush, you know you're more than welcome to help out on the farm...AJ will happily put you to work,"

I nodded, "I know, and I thank you for your offer, but..." I reached under my scarf, Belle squeaked, and Bloom gasped, Scootaloo happily chuckled as I revealed what was under my scarf.
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I am so confused o-O xD Super cute picture though ;3;