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Comm: Flying Together

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wow, the light is awesome on this one !
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Love this, good job~
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Woo!  Inter dimensional half sisters. For the win.  I gotta say that Xen managed to sire beautiful daughters and it’s nice to see them both have a good relationship with each other.  I love the detail you put into drawing the feathers of both gals as they look very realistic and how they have subtle differences as Crystal Dancer has a better hairstyle and natural appearance but her half sister is more slender with pretty large wings and a majestic fashion sense.  Gonna add this to my favorites.
Also, is it weird that I see both version of Xenilla having a rivalry over who has the most beautiful mate and who has the most adorable offspring?  On the other hand, I can see Mirror Celestia and BD bonding over baby pictures of their daughters and discussing about the charm points of their Xenillas.
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