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Comm: Fire Spiral

comm for :iconcucharrador:
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OMG, DO NOT cross the streams Spike! Do NOT... <:(

...we're doomed. (-_-)
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They are...contaminated by spirals.
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Because dragons don't do kissing.
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"Don't cross the streams!"

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This is really beautiful!
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This is really beautiful
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By chance, is this at all based on what the two dragons in Avatar: The last Airbender did with Aang and Zuko?
No, at least not intentionally...I was thinking of ways that dragons could share an intimate, yet somewhat chaste, moment together.  Having their flames intermingle sounded like the perfect way - imagine a story where Spike & Ember fall in love a few years in the future and Ember teaches Spike about dragon dating.  This is one way that dragons can kiss :-)
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Ah, cool cool :D
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How beautiful 
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being drunk with your girl be like...
This is awesome, I love it!  :-)
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OTPOTPOTP. HOLY CRAP!!!! I love these two so much! ;_; And the way you detail every single thing, and the light, and and and... IT'S ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL. :D
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This is amazing!
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