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Comic: Heroes Never Stay Dead

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Disc-Pool (Elsewhere): "Okay, who keeps breaking my fourth walls?! That's my job!"
Things weren't the same when Humdrum came back and started calling himself the red hood
Per my headcanon, Zapp is a young god on probation, so it's not like death was a thing she would have encountered growing up. This whole revolving door or mortality is probably her only experience with death, so as far as she's concerned this is normal.
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Heroes never die!!!
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Who put up that commercial!? :XD:
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Batman: Ugh. You know what?F**k this! I'm done with this Sh*t.


Batman: Oh, please! Don't act so shocked, you phoneys! You all know how this is going to go: in a few months some "magic amulet" will bring him back from the dead, or....we'll find some alternate-dimension version THAT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ONE WE HAD BEFORE! How many of you have already died before? Huh? C'mon, put 'em up!

Everyone: *slowly raises their hands in the air*

Batman: Exactly! So with all due respect to Green Arrow, or Superman, or whoever dies next - but i'm sick to death of giving speeches at your funerals, memorials, wakes, and flying to your home planets to scatter your f****ng ashes! I AM DONE!!!

Everyone then proceeds to applaud with the dead hero in question alive, and well.
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Wasn't this from a Robot Chicken skit?
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Pretty much. Though i think i might've messed up the first lines.
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Reminds me when robot chicken did this joke.  I love your art!
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reminds me of Dragon Ball series
Ponies never die, they're just missing in action.
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Nice "A death in the family" reference.
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Indeed... it's a concerning cliche especially if it keeps happening to your Closest Friend, this kind of thing can lead to Insanity :I
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I am sincerely confused.
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Rainbow, don't you DARE break the fourth wall! Anyways, think my least favorite of the Mane 6 is Applejack. Which isn't saying a lot, since I love all of them.
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Obviously it's the viewers/readers who decide the fate of our heroes. Why else would you be asking us that question.
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Infinite Crisis. 
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They forgot Gummie's birthday again.
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