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Comic: Alicorn Rebirth

comm for :iconrated-r-ponystar:

^^ comic are 15 per panel send me a note if you are interesed :D
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I always thought that how Alicorn worked before in the Pony Universe

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Baby Tia nomming the flower at the end, that's just the perfect touch. XD
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all equestria fond out alicorn can die and reborn like a pheonix! but restart as a baby. to me luna learn is well and she waiting the day for so long! and the killer of celestia who is in jail a learn the new by the guard! his face will be PRICELESS!
For Twilight is be a very shocking new, Cadance learn it too! Luna tell them Alicorn to remenber thier memory is need to be a adult and Celestia want to tell them but never got the chance! Discord him know it, and say Luna a die far more her Sister, Luna a be shame of it, Applejack ask Luna when many she die? Luna say 250 time, 100 of them she be a kid , 75 of them she be a teenage and 75 she be a adult! Fluttershy ask many Celestia a die? Luna, i dont know, is the first time i see her die and reborn! Discord say, she a 2 time, one way befor you born and this one! Luna be shock to learn this! 
Luna: Man sis, you are still better and careful.....i will make sure to never die again to make sure our number of death and rebirth be equels!

but a week later the rebirth of the Celestia , the killer of tia come and kill luna(he dont know the news of on the alicorn)
Twlight: Grr oh come on! Somepony need to stop this!
killer: What is it Princess? you a scare to die? dont worry, i will make you rejoint your mentor!
Twilight: You dont know the news on the Alicorn?
Killer: What?
Twilight show him baby Princess Celestia.
Killer: A other Alicorn?
Twilight: This is Princess Celestia!
Killer: What? this is some kind a joke?
Flash: Nope! Alicorn can reborn like a pheonix but restart as a baby!
Pinkie: and you a make Luna reborn! Look!
he see the body start to glowing and turn to a baby luna.
Killer: What!?
Shining: Your plan to kill celestia a work but Celestia a reborn as a baby, this baby!
Flash: and you are under arrest!
Rainbow: why Luna reborn as Baby faster then Celestia?
Discord: Is very sample, Luna die more and her body a get use of the reborn, so is very normal, Celestia a die 2 time, so her body a not get use of the reborn!
Twilight:.....What we goin to with them?
Discord: well, now you are the mother Twilight!
Twilight: WHAT!?
Discord: Well Twilight, you are the reborn version of thier First mother, who be a unicorn, and you the most Funny of this?
Twilight: No?
Discord: Her is Twilight too!(Discord use his magic to show the past)
Twilight: ...By the element! I am the reborn mother of them!?
Discord: Celestia a prepare you for this day but she hoping you be bit biger....Oh well hahahahaha is funny think a child be teacher of her own mother, Luna never fond out!
the baby go twilight
baby Celestia: Mama!
Baby Luna: Mama!
Twilight:....I got no other choise to good care them!
Pinkie: Dont worry Twilight, we will help you on good care Baby Princess celestia and baby Princess Luna!
Cadance: i will help you to rule equestria!
Discord: here a book of are to learn ti control the Sun and moon, for now those baby are far too young to do it!
Shining: were you get this book?
Discord: Tia a give it to for this, She know one day , she will be kill by her killer but she dont know the right day!
Shining: If she know why she never tell us?
Discord: Well is because a traitor is in the rang of the Guards!
Everpony: WHAT!?
Discord: She want it to fond it first but the traitor let the killer in her room befor she know it, oh dont worry i will help you fond him, why? well he a plan to get rep of me, so i only do it for my safety, plus he want use fluttershy to force me to let my self be kill, you get why i help, nopony will use my friends like this mostly fluttershy!
Fluttershy: Oh my, i never imagened some traitor in the guards rang!
Discord: some are in the wonder bolt but Celestia a fond them out a 200 years ago!
is take 2 years for Twilight and all ally to capture all traitors and Twilight become a great ruler and a mother and she rise Celestia and Luna, Twilight a married Flash sentry both be very happy, 8 years later twilight got a baby alicorn be call Blossom star, Celestia and luna be Super happy to get a little sister and good care her. 10 years later both remenber everything, luna be sad to be kill again and reborn, twilight tell is normal, Celestia ask twilight if now know the true of her self and twilight say yes.Flash and Shining become alicorn, be the two first male alicorn of all equestria history, of course twilight friends become alicorn too, and help twilight to rule equestria, Celestia and Luna regain thier control of the sun and the moon and do thier job, of course the death and reborn continue forever but many pony a be lucky to become the mother of reborn alicorn, so is mean be part of family! befor the reborn power of a alicorn a be a very big secret but now everypony and creature know of it!
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When i'm done.

There will be no more resurrections.
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So funny and adorable! ❤️
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I remember watching the comic dub of this.
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Twilight: what the. . . Celestia didn't mention anything about rebirth after death. 0-0
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all equestria fond alicorn die and reborn like a pheonix! but to me luna learn is well! and the killer of celestia who is jail learn the new! his face will be PRICELESS!
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"When you said Alicorns 'weren't quite' immortal, this isn't what I thought you meant!"
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Baby Celestia is adorable!
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Oh this is HILARIOUS!
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This.... I did not see comming! AWESOME THOUGH!!!! :D
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No wonder her pet is a phoenix.
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Too cute, like a pheonix.
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Celestia XII: Agh! New kidneys!
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cute and fuuny
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