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Mommy, it’s an angel!
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is that a reference I don't get :) ?

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To be honest, I had a hard time remembering what the reference was, because I did three in one sentence, or at least intended to.

First, It’s a reference to Lilo and Stich, then I guess there is a bit of evangelion in it, I should have put “angeru” instead of angel.

And finally this creature reminds me of the descriptions of some angels that I heard are in the Divine Comedy.

To be honest, I don’t know where mommy came from??? Thanks for trying to get it though, I’m not the best at this.

I absolutely love your characters! What are they for?

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one day all of his deviants of magic fantasy becomes the best 8 bit game of 20 and idk

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When a broken soul dies it seeks to be whole again, by adding others to join it, but no matter how many broken souls it... collects... they are all still broken, surely as a pile of glass shards isn't a bottle, they are not a complete soul... and they seek out more... forever...
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Oh my this is SU all over again :o

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Is this just...a modified version of my comment?
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Gah, your comment is very similar, and it came before! :faint: 
(It's what I thought without reading any comments)
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Heh they don’t exactly contradict... kinda
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When a lost traveler slips into the marshes the collector finds them and adds them to its collection. Constantly in a fruitless chase to find new souls to sate it’s lonliness, but the dead do not speak.
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oh what a great interpretation :O

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A nice spooky boi lol
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I love the electric pulses. very cool back story
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To me, it looks like the Guardian of Limbo. It's responsible for containing all the souls of those who are yet to be sorted into more specific, more appropriate afterlife planes. However, death being the trauma that it is for one's metaphysical self, these almost formless souls are constantly and mindlessly scrabbling to escape as an expression of their all-consuming existential confusion.
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stupid existential confusion, that's the worst. honestly.

Thank you so much for this cool interpretation!

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What's it supposed to be exactly?
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no idea tbh hence the [???]

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