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There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"

I thought why not?
Got from- DudleyBrittany1399
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oc used is Ripped

ARRESTED Character Meme

[1] Fluffy: We can do this the hard way... or the harder way. You give me any cute remarks and I get to have a field day with your face, ain't no good cops here to save you.
R : Aright sir
[2] Fluffy: Yeah. I've seen that look before. You're thinking that was the lamest thing you've ever heard, weren't you? Bet you think you're awful clever, huh? Think I'm stupid? Well we'll just see who the stupid one is when you're behind bars. How you like that, smartass?
R : you can't put a blind man behind bars
[3] Fluffy: Let's start with the basics. Where were you last night 'tween ten an' eleven?
R : what is a 'tween ten an' eleven?
[4] Fluffy: Hah! You got the look of a killer, but nothin' happened last night 'tween ten an' eleven, but you knew that, didn' you? I saw that confused look in your eyes. Nah, we wanna know what you were doing at one in the morning last Wednesday.
R : My eyes are pure black, I have never shown emotion in them
[5] Fluffy: Just digging yourself a deeper hole. You think you can get away with that? We already know what you did last Wednesday. All you criminal folk are the same, thinking you can look all innocent and avoid persecution. Not while I'm around. Since we already know what happened and all why don't you tell us the truth?
R : Apparently I'm not the blind one here  
[6] Fluffy: Gonna stick to the lies? Fine, fine, it'll make you look that much worse in court. Compulsive liar, adding it to the list. You've got quite the hefty file, did you know that?
R : No I am both blind
[7] Fluffy: May not realize it, but everything piles up. Shoulda joined the police force before it was too late for you; the things we get away with! Hey, we could've been friends! [From the corner, Korc, there comes a low chuckle.] Yeah, probably not, I'd never be friends with scum like you. Speaking of scum, know who we got as a witness? No? C'mon, it'll be fun, just give it a guess.
R : I have my sister Ellie
[8] Fluffy: Not that I thought you'd figure it out, but I thought a criminal mastermind would be smarter. You ever even go to school?
R : I was home school by my sister
[9] Fluffy: I don't believe it. Oh, look, it says here you're a compulsive liar, I guess that fits, then. Well, it was easy enough catching you, no matter your education. Think you can learn from the experience? Think you could do better next time? Make it a little more interesting for us?
R : I have learned nothing sir
[10] Fluffy: Yeah, yeah. Save it. Want some advice on how to do better next time?
R : no, I do not care for your nothings
[11] Fluffy: How about being less dense? I realize that's a lot to ask of you, but it might work out better if you really tried. What? Surprised? Thought I'd really help you out?
R : I have something baking at home
[12] Korc: State your name for the record.
R : My name is Ripped
[13] Fluffy: Really! This compulsive lying thing is really going too far, think you're cute, Vitamitamassimo? Think again.
R : I know my own name thank you very much
[14] Fluffy: You don't... really look much like these mug shots from the past. But... it does say you're a master of disguise. You got a number I can call? Someone to contact? I'm so fired if you're actually a civvie.  
R : I am a civvie idiot, and my sister's number is 202-555-0101

-no story due to my bad writing-
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These are notes about the characters, nothing here is final and might change over time
Is blind
Is male
Ranging 20 - 30 years
Frenemy of Stampy
Dating Vevva
Has medium length hair
Half brother to Haunted Propose
Uncle of Ragetastic and Joey
Adoptive son of Adon
Wears fake cat ears and tail
Is male
28 years
Frenemy of HitTheTarget
Dating Squashy
Has short hair
Brother to Netty
Close friend to Squid
Wears cat ears
Is female
is 29
Friend of Vevva
Has short hair
Older sister to Stampy
  • Listening to: Warriors
  • Reading: This text
  • Watching: My typing
  • Eating: Skittles
  • Drinking: Mtn Dew
So Galica are a cat + galaxy

They are a open species but please tell me if you are going to make one!

5ranks and how to use in oc
Common - Use to your hearts content
Uncommon - just one or two every oc otherwise I don't care
Rare - only 1 but it can only be used on 2 ocs
Mythical - Send 1 point per item
Custom/adopt only - Only I can use these for customs/adopts


- Wavy tail with only one color of the galaxy, glows at night
- 5 eyes
- wavy or spiked markings
- has strangely colored eyes (I don't know how to explain it like Fire Starter's)
- uses fire powers, but it varies from small flame, giant fire, creating ash to blind others or making embers (mostly used for heat but can also blind others)
- Is always very underweight
- Is around 31+ inches from ear to toe
- Usually has bows for the accessories but likes eye one too
- Is usually lower or higher middle class

- only 4 eyes
- eyes are colored with the light only the outside and darker inside
- tall is still
- might have 2 colors
- Smooth and wavy markings
- Use water powers, but is slightly more common for Galicas in the desert but that is uncommon
- Is only slightly under weight
- Is 20 to 30 inches
- Like anything pastel and will mostly wear stockings

- Tail is in a circular glass jar
- only 2 eyes
- has normal colored eyes with white around pupil
- Is a average weight for cats
- is 10 - 19 inches  
- Smooth and spikey markings
- Has earth powers uses this mostly to make homes
- might be a house pet
- likes collars and wears costumes  (example: A dress)

- Tail is ripped in half
- Only 1 eye
- White part (not shine) is black pupil can be any color
- Is over weight (it varies)
- Is under 10 inches 
- Fire markings
- Has wind powers mostly uses to cool themselves off (only in desert)
- Could be a ghost
- Wears anything with red and black 

Custom/Adopt only
- 2 tails (of any type)
- Being a god/ of royal blood 
- Having multi colored eyes (for example common coloring on bottom eyes and uncommon on top -- example with rare eyes --)