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Weeeabooooo by PricelessGuru Weeeabooooo by PricelessGuru


Though her real name is Senio Tomoe, with Tomoe being a family name and Senio meaning silent

She’s a panther

She’s silent as her name implies, is very easy going, can be very friendly and will doubt herself when it comes to fighting

She likes to explore, prank others by coming up behind them and making roars, reading, collecting cat like objects, running, and climbing trees

She’s rather strong, considering that Florida Panthers are critically threatened. She uses a forest whip.

She’s 16 years old and wears her clothing because she wants to stay warm and comfortable. She doesn’t need a school uniform since she’s homeschooled.

She is always tired and will sleep around 18 hours a day, and surprisingly enough she only needs to eat once or twice a week. She seems to stay away from others as much as possible, not because she hates them but because she’s very territorial and solitary. She primarily sleeps on tree branches and will hunt small prey,

She went to the endangered species zoo, wanting to volunteer as she loved animals very much and she seemed to have a talent for knowing how animals (especially all types of felines) feel. She got the job and was cleaning up the black panther cage when an earthquake hit and she was consumed by a light, there was a large fully black panther that merges inside her. She woke up to one of the panthers licking her face and the zoo was now closed, she wondered how long she was there but slowly started to clean again, she was rather stubborn and would continue doing something until she knew it was complete.

When it was done she went back home and fell asleep, she had nothing to do.

When she woke up,  she walked into the forest behind her house and started to explore, she would occasionally stop to look around or grab shiny objects.

She stays outside most of the time now, exploring, collecting objects or climbing on the roof to watch the birds.

She doesn’t fight a lot due to how she doubts herself, but whenever she’s needed she’ll do everything possible

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November 23, 2017
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