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Updated ref by PricelessGuru Updated ref by PricelessGuru
Name: Target
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year

Clan: None
Rank: Loner

Appearance: A large, skinny grey tom with dark grey tabby markings and light grey muzzle and chest. He has orange-red colored eyes.
Personality: He is cold nature and doesn't seem to care about consequences so he'll go into clan territory for no real reason. He's also very stubborn and judgemental but when you actually get close to him he'll be caring to the player and will try to support them but at the same time will be blind to anything they do bad and will most likely cheer them on.

Mother: Losttail
Father: Russetheart
Siblings: Jaggedjaw and Softash 
Mate: None
Kits: None

Backstory: He was born to Losttail, a thunderclan she-cat, and Russetfur, a shadowclan tom, and when they split him and his siblings up both of them were in windclan while Target was given to a loner named Arrow and was taken care of by him, Target doesn't know his real parents and never really cared saying all he needed was Arrow and it stayed that way until they died from heart failure that came with his old age. Target still morons Arrow and misses him very deeply but hides it with his cold spirit.
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October 8, 2017
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