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Undertale oc - Calibri by PricelessGuru Undertale oc - Calibri by PricelessGuru
Sorry the anatomy is so bad, i'm not use to drawing dog skeletons yet.



Name: Calibri

Age: Unknown, she been in the underground from before the war

Gender: Female

Height: 9'7

Weight: 97 lbs 

Sexuality: Homosexual, Autoromantic (she'd rather do her self then another girl)

Species: Skeleton dog

Soul Color: White


Hair Color: None

Hair Length: Has none

Body Type: Very thin (shocker right?), with no muscle, she relays more on her wits the strength because of this




*You could even hit me? weak

-Weak Hit:

*A pup can do better

-Strong Hit:

*Finally some challenge

[Act (Cc]


*She tries not to smile but fails


*She talks fast


*She gets embarrassed 



* She's confused


*She spits at the ground and leaves



= Bones attack the player, whites hurt you if you touch them but red bones only hurt if you move

- Gasters Blasters

=Same as sans, just read beams

- Scratch

= Her sharped claws


Hp: 10

Def: 2

Description: A weird skeleton dog

orihime-maychan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there, I found your artwork through the :iconprojectcomment: folders =D

I actually appreciate how you made your skeleton dog here, despite giving her a description that she is a weird one. You gave depth and density to your skeleton by putting the shading at the parts that needed shading given the lighting position you used in your overall drawing. For example, you placed shading underneath the skull where the crown was placed, as well as putting shading underneath the skull where the bones of the neck are placed. I think putting shadows in the right areas are what makes your dog skeleton quite solid, and you can certainly keep on doing that. :thumbsup:  I also like how you made the background swirly and gradated, that it further gives a nice contrasting effect with your sassy skeleton dog. 

To be honest, I think you made the skeleton's shape quite nicely. If you're unsure on how to make it though, you could always find something on Google or any other search engine to find the kind of shape and position of the skeleton you need. :goodjob: revamp  You can also do the same thing with the tail, if you want a more fluffier-looking one, there are lots of stuff you can find online.

You seem quite confident and sure with what skills you got, so I think you just have to build even more confidence with your art. If you got time, you can always experiment with things like various textures and colors, as well as looking closely with models as you draw them. That can serve you quite well as you go on your artistic journey. Overall, you have done a great job with your skeleton dog: It's simple yet classy. :sluglove: I hope you continue doing great art, and may you have a great day! 
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October 21, 2017
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