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Lynxkit's brother | Flurykit | Male by PricelessGuru Lynxkit's brother | Flurykit | Male by PricelessGuru
Name: Flurykit
Gender: Male

Rank: Kit
Mentor/Apprentice: n/a
Skills: Climbing, peace maker and good judgement
Weaknesses: Easily scared, clingy and doesn't have a real personality

Like his brother he's vary large and muscular, he looks like a main coon and Lynx mix.
Personality: Like it says above he has no real personality, none set anyways, his mood and personality constantly change to make the cats around him happy.The most common though is him being overly caring, logical, defensive, extremly sctive and playful since he's around his brother so much.
History: He was born to two loners, Frost and Storm, with his older brother Lynx. They eventually had to become clan cats because the winter was getting harsh and then Lynx almost died of greencough, so after half a moon of serching they found Juiniperclan where they were taken in and Lynx recoverd after another moon. 

Mate: n/a
Kits: n/a
Kin: Frostbite(mother/queen/npc/Large white maincoon with bright blue eyes), Softstorm(father/warrior/npc/llarge light grey and white tom with black lynx markings and dark grey eyes) and Lynxkit(older brother/kit/played by WarriorOfDust/𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓞𝓯𝓑𝓾𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓷)

Roleplay Example: 
Flury yawned and stretched, he always woke up last because he really didn't want to wake up to the sharp winds that stung like claws, or her his older brother practucally coughing up a lung. He wasn't allowed to be around his brother anymore due to him having greencough, so he really didn't want to be up anyways knowing that he couldn't help Lynx. So he walked off, needing to think. He honestly forgot how long he was walking before hearing a roaring water fall, he knelt down, he heard of stories about a clan near by and was worried this was one of their terriotories. He crept closer to the waterfall, and stopped at the entrance and was more then glad to see there was no cats so he stood up once again and walked to the small pond, and lapped up some water because he hadn't had fresh water since the moment he was born, actually he doubted even his parents had any either. Then his legs felt limp and he felt like vomiting 'What was in the water?' that was his last thought before passng out and waking up in a large, lush forest. He looked up to see the sky blank, it was still a beutiful dark blue tough with blue tinted clouds."hello?" he called, surprised that the sick feeling was completely gone. "hello young one" said a female voice, the cat walked out from behind a tree "what are you doing here? she asked, interested why such a young cat, esspecially a loner would explore this far. "M-my names Flury" he said, struggling to hide his fear, "I didn't mean to I just thought it was normal water" he added quickly scared the cat would scold him. "That's  ok doll" she said in a sweet tone "my names Elliott, and you should be waking up" she said, and Flury woke up to a large, tortoiseshell shell she cat with green eyes "who are you?" the cat asked, sternly. Flury, in a panic, swatted at the cat's face and ran as fast as he could terrified that the cat was following her,, and thankfully enough she wasn't. He ran into his mother, she was hunting "sweetie what's wrong?" she asked, his fear scent could probably be smeeled by every cat wiithin a 10 mile radius "mom t-ther was a cats I-i-i think it was one of those clan cats!" he stammered "it's ok" she said brought her closer to herself, warping her tail around him "they won't hurt us" she said, she use to be a clan cat herself actually and despite not being their in moons, she still knew the code like the top of her paw, Flury just sat there shacking.


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November 22, 2017
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