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Flytrap by PricelessGuru Flytrap by PricelessGuru
Quote says "She worries too much"

for A-Crazy-Cat-Lady 


Name: Flytrap
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Appearance: A small long-haired Selkirk Rex cat with a short tail, she is mainly white with brown and dark brown markings, she has dull bluish green eyes
Age: 4 months (got lost at 1 month, lived alone for nearly 4, Taken to the mansion a few days before  she became 4 months)

 - Imaginative
 - easy to get along with
 - Worried about everything
 - Scared about everything
 - Imagines the worst  

Was born on the streets, in a cardboard box. Flytrap then known Ambush live an average life for a street cat. until he got lost, he tried for weeks to find his parents but to no avail. Until one day this woman came by and got him to take care of him. He has spent a few weeks in Ava's home and is still quite new to the others, but occasionally he can mistake a brown she-cat with his mother and then try to follow her around, this is mostly due to her being young and not fully remembering her mother except that she has brown fur

  Bullet; White - cat,  Bullet; Black - human, Bullet; Yellow - present, Bullet; Orange - past, Bullet; Pink - family, Bullet; Red - dead

Bullet; Orange ,Bullet; White ,Bullet; Pink ,Bullet; Red Vinny - "My dear mother, I miss her so much"
Bullet; Orange ,Bullet; White, Bullet; PinkVenus - "My father, he taught me how to hunt insects"
Bullet; Yellow ,Bullet; White  Sasha - "She seems alright, a bit rude, but alright"
Bullet; Yellow ,Bullet; Black  Ava - "She is fine, and seems very kind"

- Named after her ability to catch flies
- Both her father's and her name can be combined into Venus fly trap
- the theme song is Buying stars from Marina and The Diamonds
- based off of
- Doesn't know her mothers dead (yet)

Rp example

Flytrap walked down to empty alleyway, she was almost 2 years old. She saw a silhouette of a cat, laying on top a dumpster lid. Flytrap walked to the cat, it was a white and dark brown tom that looked like he was on his last ropes. "Hello," She said trying not to sound nervous and as if the cat knew her his whole life "Ambush" he purred, "I thought you were dead" he admitted. "I'm sorry to ask this but who are you?" she asked slightly confused. The tom just gave her a warm look "It's fine dear, you left when you were only 1 month old" he said warmly , starting to purr quite loudly "I'm Venus, your father" the tom said and walked forward, Flytrap froze she knew her whole life her parents were dead, that she had no one except the cats at the mansion and Ava. "How can I trust you?" she asked, trying not to panic "you may just be some crazy tom!" she added, "Look at me" he said calmly, walking closer to her "I'm the same Venus that taught you how to hunt lizards and flies, and the same Venus who would tell you stories about being a wildcat and fighting, and... I'm the same cat I'm just ripped up" he said, Flytrap sat down, fully trusting the tom "It's nice to see you again dad" she said, awkwardly "you too Ambush" he said, smiling at her awkwardness.
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