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Name: Spirit dance

Nickname(s): None

Gender: Male

Species: Deformed alicorn/ possible unicorn

Age: 5 in horse yours, 23 in human

Birthday: July 2

Sexuality: Asexual

Allegiance: True neutral



Body color: Bright blue/green

Body type: Large and semi muscular

Mane color/style: put down, messy

Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever): None

Eyes: Deep blue

Cutie mark: A pen with ink tip

Accessories: Journal, pens

Height: 6ft

Weight: 145

Notable features: His stubby wings

Other: His wings are a birth defect from being premature



Personality in general: He is a general peace maker and is very easy to get along with, he usually can't choose sides on any argument and will try to find middle ground.

Fatal flaw: Doesn't know when things have gotten too far 

Likes: Magic, mirrors, alicorns, royalty, blue, story telling and books

Dislikes: Fire, water, cold, overly sweet food, most pastries and his birth defect

Favorite food: Hay fries 

Favorite book: Any history book

Favorite pony: Princess Luna

Favorite animal: Owls and cats

Favorite song: None

Favorite place: Ponyville

Least favorite Food: Frosted cake


Daily life

Place of residence: his own house in Ponyville

Occupation: Self published writer

Talents: Writing

Hobbies: Taking photos, practicing magic


Friends and family

Mother: Wisp sight

Father: Swirled moon

Siblings: None

Other relatives: A aunt named River wish

Lover/spouse: None

Offspring: None

Friends: Pinkie pie (not close, and he doesn't like her to much), and Blue Whisk

Enemies: None 

Pets: Moonshine, a black, female cat



Powers: Average powers for adult unicorns, and small sheild

Do they like using magic?: Yes, they love it



Wings: His wings are stubs and are of course unusable, they still try to move like normal wings from the nerves in them and Spirit Dance has complained about feeling phantom limbs.

Other info

Backstory/past: Spirit Dance was born prematurely and had to be kept in the hostile for at least a year before he was healthy enough to go home, because of how he was so small and fragile. When he got home his parents were extremely over protective and caring for him for two reasons, he was their only colt and he nearly died. When he finally got to go to school he was bullied for having nubs as wings, but he never mind and would usually agree with the bullies, he got his cutiemark when the class had to do a writing project over a challenge in their life, he wrote about how he was prematurely born and has nub wings and he got one of the best grades on it. He loved his cutiemark and got a hype to write anything they came to mind, causing him to end up with multiple short stories and incomplete chapter books. He complied his favorite of these short stories and made his first book out of this called "Tales of the moon and the sky", his father helped him publish it and his writing carer evolved from there.

Theme song: Buy the stars - Marina and The Diamonds

Quote: "It ain't about what you write, it's about how you write", "You can be the moon and still jealous of the stars"

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December 2, 2017
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