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Pixel art tutorial

By pricechi
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Tutorials are all the rage! So here's one way you can make pixel art - or more specifically pixel dolls. I love looking at pixel icons sprout up everywhere but I also noticed a pixel icon trend where the bodies are shrinking, coupled with ginormous heads. I hope my tutorial is of use to anyone and everyone!

I'll be keeping this tutorial here for a while, though I tend to store my stuff so you can find it in tumblr in future here:

This is dedicated to my friends, whether you are an artists, not an artist, a tablet or mouse user or trackpad whatever, you all can pixel!

Feel free to ask questions. o u o

And here's a download link to FireAlpaca:
(A mix of photoshop and SAI, simple and quite easy to use.)

ps. sorry if you feel cheated by the title o w u)/ give about 10 more minutes to add hair and clothes!


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but the question is for firealpaca what tool can i use for it ???
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you can use the dot brush tool {AKA Shift+B}
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I'd just use the pen with out anti aliasing
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you'd have to use the dot brush i believe 0:!
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This is helpful. XD This is what happened.…
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you've taught me the ways. Thank you.
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this was rad, thanks!
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This was very helpful. Thanks for making this :D!
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:happybounce: Very nice tutorial, it helped me a lot with making my first pixel art:
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Yass, thank you! <3
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I think your way of doing pixel art is better and easier! ^-^
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This is fantastic! Thank you so much for this tutorial! ^o^
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Congratulations great job !! Sent you to add your work in my group, thank you:
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Thank you soooo much, the helps so much. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
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Nice tutorial, it's very helpful! ^^
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Thanks for the tutorial! now I can make my own pixel avatars!  Clap 
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Thanks so much for the tutorial*O* i made this… ^^
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this has been really helpful! thank you very much! 
now i can create my own pixel artsexcited 
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This made pixel art so much more simple to me, thank you very much ^^
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=3 aww!! thank uuuuuu
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