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Pixel art tutorial 2

By pricechi
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There are a million pixel art tutorials out there, so I tried to make mine informative, not repetitive.
Hope it helps in some way! - Download to view in full!

Thank you all so much for all the comments in my previous pixel art/ icon tutorial! * U * I made it for my watchers originally and I'm glad more potential pixel artists (and artists alike) go to see it too. Feel free to ask any questions or if you want me to help with your wips!

And here's a download link to FireAlpaca: and Gimp:
And here's a link on tumblr: Because I might clear my gallery in future. Do save it if you need it!


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This is soooooo helpful
Thank you!!
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Do you prefer to use sai for your pixel art? I use Photoshop, but Im not sure which is more preferable, I have and use both
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:blowkiss: REVAMP  You helped me immensely! Thank youuuuu~  Red Link Luv
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thanks for the tutorial....
It's really helping
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*on a pixel tutorial spree*
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I have a little question..:cringe: 
I want to make a picture about 800x1000ish and still want it to be pixelized..
I can't seem to make it pixelized without changing the canvas size to 80 x 100..
It's so annoying, have any ideas?
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I do! But i've yet to try it out... I just spend an hour copy pasting big square blocks instead omg.

Draw in 80 x 100 first, then scale on photoshop with 'nearest neighbour'
this one has an image>…

it's called 'alias' if you don't want it to... turn to fuzzy edges when you scale ; w ; hope it helps!
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Thank u very much i'm trying to get a avatar and I think this will be helpful thanks!!
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i'm really need this thankls :3
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no problem! * o *
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Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you instead! :)
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Wow your pixel art is awesome!
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Thank you so much ; w ;; )//
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How do you make it look a little...bigger?
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If you mean the size of the pixel, you can simply draw on a larger canvas! 50x50 is icon size. You can refer to my first tutorial, and apply the same techniques but using a larger brush.
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Well, what I wanted to do was make a bigger image, and then resize it down to 5ox5o on painttool sai. How do I do this?
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Do you mean this? [link] (100% is original zoom, 800% is 8 times larger)
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Hope it helped!
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Wait-I'm trying to do the transparent background, but it doens't work. Help?
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I'm not sure if your SAI can save transparent bgs (mine can't).
1. Erase the background to make it transparent [link]
2. Save in .psd (filename.psd)
3. Open gimp/photoshop/firealpaca, and you'll see that the background is checkered.
4. Save in .gif or .png in that program.
That's what I do.
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