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Windows 7 Replacement beta 2

Windows 7 Transformation Pack for XP


After a long time I finally Released Windows 7 Replacement Beta 2 for Public download. I tried to Release it in March 8 but because of difficulties i have released just now.

This small transformation pack will transform you current look to Microsoft's future OS Windows 7.
It can run in Windows XP SP1,2 as well as SP3.
This has been successfully tested in Windows XP SP2 , SP3 & XP MCE.
This may also support Server 2003 (not tested).W7R Beta2 can only run in 32bit(x86) XP operating system,
this doesn't run in 64 bit (x64) system.
This Transformation Pack has been designed as addon transformation Pack so i Suggest
you apply Windows'X VTP first, after applying WindowsX's
Vista Transformation Pack(VTP) v8 or higher.(v9.01 Recommended)
reboot your PC and Apply W7R Beta 2.
The Original Author of this is Pritush (pri2sh). [link]
This is not a pack by WindowsX. This can be distributed Freely without any charges VIA net without modifying credits and resources in it's original form.

The Major Changes in This version are as follow.
=>Ability to turn WFP off temporarily(during installation process only).
=>Improved for SP3.
=>Updated Installer with new location and script.
=>Updated Uninstaller, now with safe uninstall.
=>Added New Applications with updated GUI.
=>Windows 7 Themes (both msstyle as well as Windows blind )
=>Added Icons & Windows 7 Beta AVI transformations.
=>Now Transforms Windows Media Player (v11 only) with WMP 12 GUI and Icon.
=>Also transforms Windows Movie Maker to 7 like ui.
=>Transforms Picture Viewer to 7 like UI
=>Logon Screen according to Build 7000.
=>Registry Edits for 7 Style & UI.
=>Includes Wallpapers from Build 7000 & PDC08.
=>3 boot screens (2 tuneup boot screens PDC & build 7000 + Defult boot screen)
=>Updated Windows 7 Properties(v1.1) with Build 7000 UI.
=>Updated Bitmaps GUI in system Files.
=>Used Winuha to compress files for less spaces.
and many other Updates and fixes....

Special Thanks go to following for helping out in resources....

Core Theme seven VG Refresh By Vishal Gupta
[ [link] ]
SevenVG R2 Theme Page

Seven VG Reloded (by pri2sh) is Mofified form of Seven VG Refresh.
Sid-crafty 7 Theme by Sid-crafty
[ [link] ]
Windows Blind Aero 7 Theme by ernasco
[ [link] ]
7 Vistart Skin by tsr-pr
[ [link] ]
WMP12, Picture Viewer & Movie Maker by Fediafedia
[ [link] ]
Styler Theme by chrizlu
[ [link] ]
Seven Taskbar Iconizer & Wordpad 2009 by solodev
[ [link] ]
Aero Shake by Bobbo33
Windows 7 Beta Avi by softhack
[ [link] ]
LSPatch by WindowsX
[ ]
Vistart by Lee

* You must have Vista Transformation Pack v8(recomended v9 ) or higher installed to apply this.
Since Windows 7 is very much alike to Windows Vista I changed only some file of VTP that are different in Windows7.
Inside Archive read "Instruction.txt" for detail instruction.

Download from esnips

Download from Mediafire
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will this work on windows 7 lol