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Windows 7 Properties XP v1.2

Here is new version of windows 7 Properties XP.
it's version is v1.2 .
I recommend you to make backup of sysdm.cpl from system32 folder before installing.
If you have installed previous version then uninstall it and run this. You can use "win7-puninstaler.exe" to uninstall. It works with this as well as old version.

If you have installed Windows 7 Replacement Beta 2 then first run "win7-puninstaler.exe" then run "win7_prop-installerv1.2.exe" .
Some Images are made by fediafedia [link]

==Changes in v1.2==
> GUI Changed to like of Windows 7 Build 7025.
> Properties Dialog is now not accessible via Taskbar & System Tray.
> Preference Dialog Removed.
> Putting "sysdm.cpl" in run will display Property Dialog.
> Uninstaller code updated.
and other minor changes..

Note: The side image is not ripped out of Original Windows 7's Property Dialog. That image was in one of the old build.
I Flipped it and used here. If u have that original image then send me it link.
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can you tell me please how do you make them
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i have used object desktop program by stardock + some manual modification to it.
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really i like your work and i need a tutorial cause im trying to make windows 7 personalize for xp
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Search box is not Search.That is Search Control Panel!
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yes.. it is not really possible to get a real search thing there.. though it might be possible but i don't know about c++ programming
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i am the new Visual Basic programmer
at the evening just now..
i made fake antivirus and result

Can this be turned off if I install it ?
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WOW. very close, few changes, the boarders and the reflections arn't correct, if u want any files from 7, im on 7201, just pm me :D
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i will surely ask with u if i need some 7 stuff.. currently i am making a new version of it. almost finished
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thanks.. anytime, keep up the good work :D
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i haven't got side image so i haven't updated it. I found a site and there it was written it was Of build 7025.. i Don't know it is fake or not & made this like that for XP.
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Also Windows 7 has the text like "Windows 7 Ultimate", not "Windows 7 ™ Ultimate".
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Important: The shellstyle color is not that. If you need I can send you the shellstyle image here.
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thanks for reply. I know shellstyle is not that in 7 , i put that cuz i could not find real one. If u have u can send me link.
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Build 2025 is fake.
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does it work for xp?
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it is for XP.
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Can you make one for vista? please ! it is really wonderful.
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I don't have Vista & my system doesn't fully support Vista.. You may searh for Vista in internet
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ya 225 MB of Ram Cuz i m using XP... for XP it is sufficient
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:o You really have 255MB of RAM?
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yes i have 225 md of shown in screenshot.
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