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I have to say that this is perhaps one of the very best pony pieces of art that I have seen in quite a while! First of all I'd like to start by saying that this piece is extremely alluring and has many facets of detail that make it so! I love the way that you were able to capture Twilight and make her the centerpiece of the image even amongst the plethora of exquisite detail that surrounds her! The character desigb is very refined and your style breathes glorious life into it in such a great way! The curvature of her body looks quite comfortable as it should and everything from the delicate threads of her mane to the soft texture of the feathers comes together wonderfully! She feels alive! I also love the immense amount of detail that you poured into things like wing shape, as well as the anatomy of the tail and mane! The environment creates an atmosphere here that is simply stunning which I know is reminicent of your awesome style! I love the way that you used the flawless lighting and shading to highlight the tree as well to be a prominent figure that shines throughout the rest of the dreamlike world. The sublety of the reflextions as well as the slight transparency of the water are breathtaking and fit very well with the lighting as well! The color work also adds another gorgeous layer of depth to this that I can truly appreciate and I also love the way that you wove the gradient shades into the foreground and background areas! Finally, what truly puts the icing on the cake is the soft texture that sets the mind at ease and draws the eyes further and further into this worls that you have crafted! This is a truly fantastic piece and I can honestly say that I have nothing negative to say about it in the least! I am also very proud to call you one of my favorite pony artists! I would love to see much more of your exquisite art in the near future! Amazing work as always! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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Rain-Gear Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Wow thank you very much for the amazingly kind words here!
I'm glad you like it so much as to not notice the faults but trust me there are plenty haha!
Thanks again Princess Luna!
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