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Yes, yes I am. If you guys noticed I actually took the time (finally!!) to submit more deviations.

Celestia hates us all…

Love ör Die…

Both are ponified covers from some of my favorite bands, and I do plan on making more of them. Infact I have 4 new ones in the making, kinda hard to finish them when you're someone like me, who isn't very skilled with photoshop, but I do want to put out something really good so you can enjoy.

Other than that, I plan on going to many concerts/festivals this summer, because I kinda missed out on many good ones last year, and my first one will be on May 22 where I will see Megadeth!

Rock On!:horns:
  • Listening to: HAVOK - From the Cradle to the Grave
  • Drinking: Water
Well, since I haven't written anything for quite some time, I figured I would let you in on my unofficial Superhero Month.

Yes, it's one of my made up times of the month where I dedicate my time to one of my favorite things, depending on the topic. Does it sound silly? Mmmyeah, but never the less I will be enjoying some of my top favorite cartoon shows, which date back all the way to my childhood. Also movies, comics, maybe some new stuff. It's all wonderful.

Here are some recommendations:
- Superman: The Animated Series
- Batman: The Animated Series
- Justice League
- Spider-Man
- X-men
- Iron Man
- The Incredible Hulk
- Gargoyles

Be sure to check them out!

I also made this intro… if you are interested.
Haven't uploaded any deviations in a very long time, as it clearly shows, and for that I apologize.

If you didn't know, I am a filmmaker first and an artist second. I spend way too much time with my pony projects, and other side projects.
So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I have less and less time for drawings, although I have been working on quite a few, but I just don't find them that good or interesting to upload.

I don't know, maybe it's just my lack of confidens that's holding me back, but once I find more free time I'll  finish some of my drawings and upload them for everyone to see.

Thank you & take care.
I finally came to terms with myself, and have now started to upload my promised, not so impressive, art.

For now there will be just random drawings that only my looney brain could come up with. I do plan for some pony art in the future, and if anybody has some suggestions or requests then please let me know, because I love to receive feedback.

Thank you. /)
I'm not ready to share my, not so impressive, art with you yet.

For now I will just admire and love whatever I find interesting, because there are many artists with talent here, and I dearly want to check out their work.