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My god does it feel great to post SOMETHING. I'll be strapped into a hard schedule again starting tomorrow but hopefully this will prove i'm not "dead" until i'm once again free.

So funny thing! turns out all this time I was using an outdated Spiral Spy! lol! Starting with this image I'll be using Spiral Spy ver. 1.4 Meaning much much more coming since this opens up more gates for me than good old 1.2 did.  :iconlikereallyplz:

Anyway, My good buddy Speedkillerr asked me to give him a portrait shot, something simple. Unfortunately I don't like things TOO simple so instead, he gets this. I hopefully wish to start doing things like this on request for in-game CE but we'll see what happens with that ideal. Right so, the only real NEW thing that's really here (and ironically enough it's also barely visible) is the hands. Recently I noticed OOO's had went ahead and put a little more effort into the hands and made them look more like..well hands! so I'll be using those new hands in all the models from here onward for the sake of it looking so much better.
(yes it's more work. no I won't explain. too long of an explanation :meow: )

This was made 95% with Spiral Spy and 5% with Paint.NET/Photoshop CS6 (I don't think I need to elaborate where that 5% was used.)

In any sense, I've "sorta returned" and sorry to be so delayed for so very long. I'll see you next time! :iconowocuteplz:
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Ohh- Custom Poses...

Someday I will learn...
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Good to see you're alive mate, and this is amazing indeed!

The new hands are very nice indeed, tough I still don't know how to modify knight models to change the hands or make custom poses... I spend time mainly making  scenarios more than knights xD 

So... good luck till you're free again mate, hope all goes ine ^-^and see you soon!
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Thanks a bunch! ^_^ And I do hope to see some of those scenarios sometime lol, let me see how nice they are :D
  :meow: I'll be free again soon! I'll see you then! 
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Don't worry, you will see xD if I get some time to finish the tough... dam exams! they take too much time sometimes! >-<

But anyways, see ya then!
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I have to be surprise..That is really impossible for most SKSPYer to do Custom Poses that are beyond Player Knights while Game Master Knights freely do those which kinda...Disturbed me...Oh and I think you must have figured out yourself or Happy must have though you this owo. (Don't look at me liek a noob because I have no pic! >.<
Pretzelninja's avatar
lol.. thanks. Happy was actually my mentor for some time. I tested a bunch of things for him and we kinda both worked together sometimes. That's why I know how to do stuff this way. (nobody is a noob in my eyes :meow: )
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Ah, good ol' custom poses. Can almost never go wrong with them.
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Only if you know how to do em. ;P lmao
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