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Well, I think I've tortured you guys with this long enough, right? This is my official Super Witch Forms for Jou-Sama and Majorin.

Jou-Sama earned her Super Form in the finale of my story "Ojamajo Doremi: Rise of The Shadows". By realizing that she actually does have a chance to turn the tide against her evil Shadow Black Queen, Jou-Sama is able to harness the power of the Seven Anime Seals. But you'll notice...She has two Super Forms. Simple. Jou-Sama receives an upgrade to her Super Form in my story "Ojamajo Doremi: Witches At World's End" because of her love for Majorin.

Majorin earned her Super Form in 'Witches At World's End'. Her desire to protect Jou-Sama and her love for the Queen is what caused her transformation into Super Form. This picture provided the most influence: [link]

Jou-Sama's weapon in her Super Form is her Royale Keyblade-You already know what it looks like. And her finishing move is "Queen's Starburst". She can also use her Keyblade when she is NOT in Super Form, but can not use her finisher.

Majorin's weapon in her Super Form is a staff-Which I have drawn here, and I don't really have a name for it...Her finishing move is "Queen's Ace".

Jou-Sama's transformation song is "Raindrops" by Sash. (I believe.)
Majorin's transformation song is "Fireflies" by Owl City.
One song for their Duet Transformation is "Cruising Together" from the NiGHTS Journey of Dreams OST.
Another song for the Duet Transformation is "Let's Play! PreCure Modulation" from Suite PreCure.

I don't own these characters. I don't own the picture in the link either! Just the Super Forms.
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Wait Megan also has a super form right? Does brittany have one too? Not bad pics by the way.