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Bikini by stevie-wydder
Kate Sci-Fi by FlexDreams
Louise D'ivoire by Delicate-Photography
Miss Catalina Rose by Delicate-Photography
Photos and Photomanips
The gunner by Eman333
Lavenders and Cream by IllustratedEye
Fun with Fox Hoodie #4 by KayPikeFashion
Leaning by olgieshmolgie
Pandora's Box by KimiSz
Buffalo Cowgirl by Elias-Chatzoudis
Harley Quinn 52 by Elias-Chatzoudis
Tribute to Ron Lesser by stevie-wydder
Tribute to Alberto Vargas by stevie-wydder
Tribute to Ruskin Williams by stevie-wydder
Tribute to Dave Nestler by stevie-wydder


:bulletblue:FAQ #1: How do I become a member?:bulletblue:

Please keep in mind that this is a Very Selective Pin-Up group. Membership is usually invite only and is restricted to those who create high quality pin-up art. If you wish to become a member please be sure to have very high quality cute/pretty pin-up art in your gallery. Please look at the group gallery, if your art is as high in quality as most of the art in the group gallery then please feel free to send a membership request. If your art isn't as high in quality as most of the art in the group gallery then please do not send membership request - I'm not a mean person, it's just that membership is restricted to those who contribute high quality pin-up art to the group gallery. I try to keep high quality standards in the art and membership.

:bulletblue:FAQ #2: Why was my art declined?:bulletblue:

Your art must meet the rules and requirements. As for rules we have three main rules:

1) No frontal nudity
2) No large watermarks
3) Accepted image(s) must reach the quality control standards

I try to only accept the best pin-up art. Sometimes images are accepted that aren’t quite the best, but for the most part I do try to only accept high quality pin-up art. Even if you’re a great artist and your submitted image is very professional and cool, sometimes the images aren't quite right for the group gallery, and they get declined. The images not only should to be high quality in production, but have that "it factor" that makes the image extra pretty or cute. It makes some people upset and angry when their art is declined, but it's not meant to be an insult or hurtful. My aim is to try to only to feature the highest quality pin-ups that are also pretty, sexy, and cute. I'm just one person and one opinion; please don't take it personally as to be offended or hurt by it if your work is turned down for gallery submission. :hug:

If you feel your art was turned down unfairly and that your art is as good as the majority of the art in the group gallery, please keep in mind that a gallery rejection is just one person's lousy opinion. Your art may be amazing, but I'm only human and as such I'm subject to my own preferences and tastes. If your art is turned down, please don't let it upset you. It's only the opinion of one, very fallible, person.

For those artists not selected for membership or gallery submission, please feel free to add us to your watch list and enjoy the art that has been featured in the gallery. Just because you've not been selected, doesn't mean your work isn't good. :) And if your art is already amazing, please keep in mind that art is like flavor, not everything is going to be to everyone's taste. Just because it may not be "my cup of tea" doesn't mean that it's not wonderful art. I'm only human and I make mistakes. I'm also subject to my own personal tastes and preferences. A group submission rejection doesn't mean your art isn't awesome! Please don't let it upset you or discourage you. :heart:



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FedericoMemola Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
If someone could be interested in a contest for a cover, with money prizes, hre you are all the information:…

GEN-12 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why u declined my request???
TracyWong Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Did you read the FAQs?
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thanks for requesting 'Nathalie'
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I have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG way to go before I can post anything in here. This is top notch art.
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Your art is pretty cool, Antonio! Just keep practicing, you'll get there! :D
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I start a digital life drawing class tomorrow. I'm hoping that well help me to grasp anatomy, lighting, and more dynamic posing that still look normal.
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