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The Lifeguard

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wow that top right image is something else.

OneMoreFA's avatar

Last frames are perfect :love:

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Nice. Love how big she’s gotten.
great job, really nice proportions in the last two frames.
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Could you post the single pictures of this instead of one big collage?
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Very well done.
Develop the story please like with text or something else
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Sooo big... Sooo fat... Sooo soft and sexy... I love her )
It's an illustration to this story? Lifeguard Duty: Bridget
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You're doing an exceptional job on the cellulite lumps and bumps as well as digits getting chubbier. A+++ for detail 
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I find the take in the lower left as prettiest ( at least for me). She could guard me any time she chose. 
Nice one!! She really let herself go!
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Excellent work.  What I admire most is how realistically you portray the chubbiness of the Lifeguard's face while remaining steadfast to her distinctive features.

Thanks everyone!!
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Wow, she really blimped up!  Very well done.
JayTee-FAArtist's avatar
Her chunky cheeks are delighful!
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She must have eaten a lot of pool side hot dogs.
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Really nice progression, I like all the details, like the cellulite and how the fat of the face change the shape 
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Her face, chubby chin, and your use of cellulite are incredible!
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Adorable girl! She can save me anytime! ;)
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Excellent work!

LNM Approved by LNMman  
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Her new boyfriend seems to doher good. She looks really happy in the lower row and especially in the last picture. I like her hairdo, looks cute. 
And the last two images show a gain the conflict, which kind of swimsuit looks better on a heavy woman: Bikini or onepiece? 

Mature Content

One piece vs bikini by EnergyToBeauty
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