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I recently discovered Game of Thrones (the series- haven't read the books YET) and I'm definitely a fan.

Who is your favorite character?

I'm all about Tyrion.

and Arya

Stick Em With the Pointy End by modji-33

Arya Stark - GOT -  Portrait - Realism by detonatorkill

So many great characters in this show!!

Jon Snow by TeiIku

game of thrones by LozanoX  Game of Thrones color by PaulRenaud

Game Of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen by DaniNaimare

Game of Thrones: Daenerys by silviacaballero  Mother of Dragons by SYLVIAsArt

Mother of Dragons by escume

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game of thrones is the best serie of the all time!!! thanks for feature!! :D
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Another fantastic collection!  I have to say, I truly appreciate your features.  They always seem to be put together with so much care and thought, and it makes them ever so enjoyable to peruse.  :heart:
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Thanks for the feature. Love the game of thrones
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I'm jealous you get to see it for the first time! I've been re-watching for years lol
Thanks for the arya pic feature too, you rock!
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Most of the characters will grow on you. The Hound and Jamie for example. But yes, Tyrion is an incredible character.
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I know that Game of Thrones exists, and that being a bad guy alone, doesn't save you at all from being executed early, in that very game.
I didn't see any episode of it yet, though.

So, tell me please...
What do you think, that it is truly about? :)
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In my humble opinion, Game of Thrones is about power and the fucked up things people will do to get (or keep) it. It's visually stunning- introducing viewers to a whole other world, and it's raw, graphic, like HBO tends to do, and pulls people in with shocking twists. The actors are incredible in this, truly, they make it all somehow believable. 

It's mythical, it's brutal, it has dragons!!!

It shows that humans can be greedy and corrupt no matter what world they live in.  
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Oh you poor thing if you're just starting you have no idea the sort of pain you're in for. :D
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