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The Details Of Cursing

Let's not Get technical Smearing yourself with sin And sensing nothing Is easy Watching people talking Over each other Is hard If you see yourself In everyone’s ignorance . If you want the details It is not In the subtitles Or subtext It is not In any crawlspace You would imagine In the imagination Of unpleasant people The fireproof truth Is that hatred hides In what is not hidden Obvious instead By omission Unplanned As children The kids Hold all the keys To this disease If you are raised As perceived threat You can bet As you looked up They looked down Upon all your possibilities And feared They had none left The curse Is t

The endless sky

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Snowball Fight


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The 8th of August 2019

The Wheel

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2014 pumpkin 2

freakin awesome pumpkins

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Doctor Strange Cake (+YouTube Video)

edible art

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Rabbit Murder

For the love of Peeps

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Water color Roses

ink is good

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page 2 twilight comic Preface

Sparklepire Love

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Rapunzel - Once Upon A Zombie

Happy Halloween

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Unicorn Family

An inspired pencil

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Followers Of The Sun

They are the most ardent followers Those followers of the sun Their important job is to follow, with that comes their fun They are the most zealous followers These followers of the sun Watch them during daylight hours, that will bring you fun They are the most eager followers Those followers of the Sol From their starting point beneath the earth, germinating in a hole They are the most fervid followers These followers of the Sol They grow so tall and finally bloom, for that’s the ultimate goal The Sunflower Poem by @marciceman I hope you will like this beautiful poem and will bring much sunshine in your hearts and homes.:heart:

Very Special

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HP Love

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In the Red

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African Tree

Yellow Ledbetter

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Pine Mountain 2

Orange Crush

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Street Art

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Catching Fire: Katniss Everdeen

Hunger Games

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Wright choice (sphinx series)

Black and White

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Mourning Beauties

Purple Haze

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Just blue...

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The Jellies

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Explosion of Color

Taste the Rainbow

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The two trees pendant.

Artisan Crafts

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Haiku 2020 #1

Broken like a harp The strings will no longer sing My melody lost


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Lenore at the graveyard


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breaking bad - RUN MTH


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From The Shadows 2


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Kick ass portraits

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From My Watchers #10

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Fantastic Journals

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In Scarlet Ink

In Scarlet Ink My life reads in scarlet ink. Everything is wrong. Bleeding across the page, Disliking the words that appear. I saw you from afar And my scarlet letters leapt across the page. You didn’t see me, but I kept staring My eyes watching your every move. Scarlet ink highlights how wrong I am To stare. But I can’t help it I’m the creep that is now obsessed. Scarlet ink bleeding into my vision It’s all I can see. I need you to be mine Always and forever. My life reads in scarlet ink. Telling me I’m wrong. But I saw you standing there and I waited. I would follow you, watch where you go Because you will

Prettyflour's Literature Contest

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White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)

Beautiful creatures

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I Support TwilightPoetess


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Twinkle Twinkle


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Robb Stark

Fan Art

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I worship Radiohead

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The Cold Remains

He is made of light now but everything is cold. He can feel the stars singing in his veins and the flow of atoms inside his lungs and he no longer knows fear. One form always moves to the next and half of the battle is just holding onto the memories somehow. Some are clear to him and some are foggy – but he remembers his son and so he manages to recall a precious few things from his previous life. Demetria doesn’t seem to remember any of this, of what they had, as clearly as Avery does; she is more fog, less light. “I’m sorry that I had to kill you.” This is the first thing that Avery tells her when they reun


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Buried in White

I look out of the window at low-hanging gray clouds presiding over a pre-storm stillness soon to be pushed out by rushes of stiff, icy winds ahead of the white fury coming this way. I swallow hard, a sense of dread I have no reason to carry weighing my thoughts. I am safe at home, even as many are not. The birds and squirrels which had been noisily playing in the yards have gone ominously silent now. They sense the atmospheric changes coming, and wisely prepare. They have no need for internet, radio and television alerts, or forecasts and updated snowfall totals - human guesses based upon competing radar systems and meteorologists' best inte

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Kindred Shadows

2015 Photography Contest

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Project DFC: Jubilant Japanese June 2020

(This is like the third time I have started this journal, as something randomly glitches in Eclipse and it deletes what I typed and there's no saved draft in my stash). :nuu: Hello! :wave: OneWithTheStars here and ready to rampage as I try in futility to craft a group journal in the wreckage of Eclipse. Anyway, welcome to @ProjectDFC's 2020 installment of Jubilant Japanese June! JUBILANT JAPANESE JUNE (JJJ) ProjectDFC was defined on its love for poetic forms.  And not just the forms that many of us are accustomed to seeing, but trying to grasp various forms from around the world for the exposure to the many different ones various regions have to offer as well as try our hands at them, even when our native languages/structures may not flow as well as the traditional languages they herald from.  The goal is a literary adventure across the planet and I hope everyone can enjoy that spirit. :heart: One of the regions that made it into the monthly collection of challenges

Fun Projects

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Love, pasion, beauty, courage and respect

A Monster Calls

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Monday morning Ride


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2017 A Monster Calls

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Ignition IX

Fire Smoke

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