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As seen in the title, here is a list I've compiled of things I'd like to happen in Season 6 of Steven Universe.

1. The Return of Malachite

    Now that Jasper is healed from her corruption she has got a ways to go on the road of redemption. On that road there is cookie cats, friendship, maybe some Camp Pining Hearts, and lots of singing and crying. Sure she did some rotten things, but they are nothing compared to Lapis. I could write a long journal about why I don't care for her so much, but there is already a video on it made by SliceOfOtaku. To put it simply, she does not show remorse for most of her actions. Her "redemption" did not feel like a true one, and sometimes it takes another to satisfy. What I am getting at is that Jasper is the key to Lapis' redemption. All these actions of hers like fighting alongside her friends and joining the Crystal Gems are the steps of a staircase. She is almost to the top, but not quite there yet. The only way I see her getting across the final step is to bury the hatchet. Lapis and Jasper need to admit their mistakes, apologize to each other, and fuse once again as Malachite to use her for good.

     Another point I'd like to make is, aside from Obsidian, Malachite is one of the most powerful fusions we've seen. The combined abilities of Jasper and Lapis allow Malachite to deliver devastating blows from close range to a long distance. Together they can change the state of water to ice or crystals (I'm not sure which one.) . With this power at Malachite's hands it can immobilize threats, serve as defense, or simply be used as a basic attack. Now that I think about it they could possibly make weapons or even stronger clones. Had Steven not convinced the watermelons to fight back then it is likely that the Crystal Gems would be shattered. With that kind of power Malachite is a great asset to have in a team.

2. Diamonds befriending Gems and or Humans

It would be nice for White, Yellow, and Blue to build a relationship with some of the gems they have been governing for years. It does not need to be romantic, just a simple friendship is all. The only friends they have are each other, Steven, and their Pearls. Everyone else is either adoring them, too low in the ranks of Homeworld society to talk with them, or are just too scared to engage in a conversation with them. I don't even know how the rest of the Crystal Gems feel about them. If I had to pick a first friend for them it would be Greg. He's a nice guy to talk with and he can create wonderful songs that get stuck in your head. The Diamonds could learn a lot from him.

Related image

3. New Alien Race

We have already seen alien races in past episodes (Jungle Moon and Change Your Mind), but they acted more as animals rather than people or gems. What I would like to see is the introduction of a galactic race whose home was conquered by one the Diamonds. Preferably not shown in a flashback. It would be best if they just arrived on Homeworld in surprise. Perhaps after centuries of hiding these people have gotten powerful enough to take revenge at the beings who destroyed their planet.

4. Fluorite Unfused

Like a majority of the fandom, I have been curious about the gems that make up Fluorite. I'd really like to see Fluorite separated so we can get to know the gems that created her. If I had to take a guess as to who the fusers are I'd say they are gems that have not been shown yet with the exception of the Pink Cogwheel-Thomas The Train-Hammerhead gem from Together Alone. The gem on her chest looks quite similar to Fluorite's.

This girl Arrow Right Purple Related image

5. A True/Heartbreaking Betrayal

    Yes we have seen moments of characters betraying Steven and his friends, but in the end they always bounce back to his side. Before you ask me, "What about Jasper?" need I remind you that Rebecca has been wanting Jasper's redemption for a while. I guarantee you she is going to bounce back at some point. As for Aquamarine and all of the antagonists we've seen so far I think once they discover that Steven is one of the Diamonds they are immediately going to befriend him because they feel as if they have to, not because they want to. But Steven is going to do his friendship thing and convince them that they don't have to do anything they don't want to do. Then they'll be friends and all that jazz.
What I desire the most for Season 6 is a trusted (gem) friend to betray Steven and friends and 
never take their side when offered the chance. At the start she'll gain the the trust of the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds, be friends with them for a season or two, then out of the blue show her true colors at the moment she is needed most. I think this would work well if the antagonist (or villain) was given good/understandable reasons for wanting to side against the Crystal Gems and their allies: the Diamonds.

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There's a theory on YouTube and Tumblr that the Steven Universe movie villain is a Taaffeite. This gem can be heart shaped in real life, and her nickname might be "Taffy" since her arms and legs are stretchy like candy. What are your thoughts?…


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