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Zarathustra ZS0009 by Prettybold

OUTDATED. New reference: Zarathustra ZS0009

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:bulletyellow::bulletblue: Blue Phoenix Equestrian Center :bulletblue::bulletyellow:

ID: ZS0009
name: Zarathustra (nicknamed "Zarat")
(Zarathustra possibly means "Golden Camel" in old Iranian, from Zarat (golden) and Ushtra (camel))
age: 5 years
breed: Zlesdin
gender: stallion

---------- SS:
Sire: ?
---------- SD:
---------- DS:
Dam: ?
---------- DD:

height: 167 cm
color: Palomino Sabino (minimal)
genotype: ee/Aa/nCr/nSb

discipline: Endurance, (working on finding out if he's fit for other disciplines)
owner/trainer/rider: Haunani Ka'aukai (Hazel Kinslet)

check out details here

breeding is :bulletyellow: open for request :bulletyellow:
Recorded breedings:

Personality and behaviour:
Zarat is a fiery and stubborn stallion with his own opinions. He's very intelligent and definitely knows what he wants. Working with him might turn out to be quite the challenge, but Hazel has done it, and they have bonded very nicely over the time she has had him.
He loves showing off and being praised, and he definitely adores getting groomed and dolled with (if it's the right person doing it, of course). He will be a gentleman (mostly) if you bring him sweets (especially citrus ones). It can also be mentioned that he's the loudest stallion, and horse, at the stable.
Since Hazel imported him from Denmark to Norway, she has been working with him every single day for hours, to earn his trust and to make sure they bond in the right way. They have eventually started training, mostly endurance, as he has proven to be very fit for that discipline. They have also tried out dressage, as that have been Hazel's main focus for a few years now, but that did not work out very well, as he didn't like being controlled and restrained in the way a dressage horse is. They're for now working on figuring out a fitting discipline, other that endurance, so his training can vary in a good way and he can stay a happy horse.

Zlesdin Point Count - 28 ZP (Fleder)

Current ranking: Fleder (26-45 ZP)

ZS0009 =1ZP

Competition entries
Not So Golden =
ZAS - Flawless =5ZP
NIEC15 Endurance - 404 and 412 = 5ZP

Training and other images
Show Some Leg =3ZP
Learning To Dance = 3ZP
The Gang = 2ZP

By others
Zlesdin Custom Import - Sazyce 
Commission for Sazyce = 1ZP
And a haaaaaaaaappy new year! = 1ZP

Aah, I love him. I have been drooling over this breed for a while, but I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to draw them correctly (as any horse resembling Akhal Teke or Arabs is way out of my league) :lmao:
I could probably have shaded this better, but the body type is unfamiliar to me, which made it harder than it usually is for me to shade.. I'll do better next time :XD:

Go check out these babes.


:bulletblue: Tools. :bulletblue:
Wacom Intuous pen tablet
Photoshop CS6

Design and horse breed is (C) Zoubstance

You are NOT allowed to use this artwork in any way.
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Whoah, he looks amazing! :wow: You did an excellent job on the shading; he looks so shinyyy ~   And that's an awesome name for him, btw!  
His personality was fun to read; he sounds like a guy with opinions of his own :giggle:  I'm so glad to hear you like him; I wish you the best of luck with him in the future! C: