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HS Nihasa



HS Nihasa

Name meaning: believed to be a Native American (Arapaho) devil - "bitter man".
Nickname: Girra (spring in Pitesami)
Age: 9
Sex: mare
Breed: Zlesdin 

Height: 160cm
Colour: Sooty silver bay [Ee/Aa/nZ/nSty/nFf]
Markings: Snip, 1 coronet

Temperament: Calm - Proud - Affectionate - Intelligent
Nihasa is, uncharacteristic for her breed, easy to handle. She's cool and laid back, but a definite leader in the herd. She can be quite vicious if the situation calls for it, but it is never undeserved. If she knows she has an audience she's flashy and loves to show off. Her pride is not to be taken lightly - once offended, she tends to hold a grudge.

Discipline: Eventing
Status: active
Results: 0/0/0/1 of 1

Owner: Andreas Lyngen
Rider: Andreas Lyngen
Groom: -

Bred in Lettfell, imported by Haverox Stables in the United Kingdom.
Starter [Zlesdin]
Starter [Zlesdin]

Breeding status: Bullet; Yellow LIMITED AVAILABILITY for 100Points or a drawing of her (Stall Polarlys' breeding rules)

ZS0095 HS Lix Tetrax | Colt by Sejrbank Sagadir | owned by Accabear
ZS0168 WE Breaking Iceberg | Colt by WE Lord Percival | owned by BonBonBerry
ZM0437 RHB Valyria | Filly by Cihangir | owned by Affyre
[slot] owned by @celestialmoonglade 
[open slot]
[open slot]


:iconthe-equipage: #01 Team Polaris | Points: 253 | Rank: 3* Advanced II
:iconzlesdin: ZM0074 | Points: 92 | Rank: Rhan
* art made by previous owner, Accabear (bought for 400Points, Feb. 14 2017)

0p | 1zp | Registration
20p | 6zp | Reference images: 2015* | 2017 (current)
3p | 7zp | Offspring: 2 Fleder, 1 Dimer
4p | 5zp | Zlesdin of the Month (March, 2016)

11p | 5zp | 4th | Free jump | Hollendart Summer Nights Effort Show | Some nights we go alone*
10p | 5zp | Studbook Approved | Halter | Zlesdin Summer Grading Show | Dancing with the early stars*
10p | 5zp | Training event | Skeggas | Skeggas on the Beach | Slam Dunk

5p | 2zp | Hunting | Aim High
10p | 3zp | Dressage | Taking turns
10p | 3zp | Endurance | Stjernesludd

10p | 3zp | :Where you at NI?:*
5p | 2zp | OH MERH GERD*
5p | 2zp | Sowwy for future smappish*
5p | 2zp | 2*
5p | 2zp | Loves in de aiiir*
10p | 2zp | Wha-what is this world?*
5p | 3zp | Nihasa Head shot*
10p | 3zp | Early Morning Racing*
10p | 3zp | Fight!*
5p | 2zp | Horses arn't only just for christmas*
5p | 2zp | Nihasa Christmas 1*
5p | 2zp | Christmas tack*
5p | 2zp | Get this off me*
10p | 3zp | TAZER*
5p | 2zp | WTF Happened...*
5p | 2zp | Nihasa Head shot*
10p | 3zp | Challenge Picture 1*
10p | 3zp | Challenge Picture 2*
10p | 3zp | Challenge Picture 3*

Portrayed by other artists
(1zp per image in this category.)
+10p | Zlesdin Custom Import - Accabear (design by Zoubstance)
+10p | Commission for Accabear (by ArmoredWings)

I miiiiiiight have bought a new horse - but I mean, look at her Love I have been on the lookout for a new Zlesdin for some time now (if I ever get my story out you'll know why Giggle) and I had actually decided that it was easier to just get a custom when I stumbled upon this beauty. aka she showed up in my notifications while I was on the bus to my uni and it was meant to be
And I am also finally catching up on art! (All NIEC-wonderers - yes I'm close to finishing! I just haven't posted anything yet Giggle) I had a free moment and drew this quickly. Maybe I should -just draw- more often Shrug

Image updated 30.12.2019 (new background)

Krita, Wacom Intuos

Nihasa was designed by Zoubstance 
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