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I am sooooooooooooo sorry about all of the full folders. I haven't been on lately since I haven't really been doing art for a while. I added more folders and I moved up some admins to co-founders. I hope it helps.
I am opening up my adoptions finally. They are 2 dollars (paypal) or 160 points. Discount of 20% if you get more than one.

If interested comment in this message.

1. ~Adoptable~ Foxy Lady by Ayahana-Manami 2. ~Adoptable~ School Idol -Adopted by Ayahana-Manami I'm Taken by ImFeelingStampity 3.   ~Adoptable~ Sexy Teacher -Adopted by Ayahana-Manami I'm Taken by ImFeelingStampity
4. ~Adoptable~ Aloof Girl by Ayahana-Manami 5. ~Adoptable~ Shy Girl -Adopted by Ayahana-Manami I'm Taken by ImFeelingStampity 6.   ~Adoptable~ Otaku Girl by Ayahana-Manami
7. ~Adoptable~ Stripper by Ayahana-Manami 8. ~Adoptable~ Chinese Girl by Ayahana-Manami 9.   ~Adoptable~ Cutie -Adopted by Ayahana-Manami

These three must go together. $5.20 (416 points)
10. ~Adoptable~ Cool Idol by Ayahana-Manami 11. ~Adoptable~ Beautiful Idol by Ayahana-Manami 12. ~Adoptable~ Cute Idol by Ayahana-Manami
:iconthe-breast-brigade:So as you can see this group is without an icon. The contest is simple enough, make an icon that clearly and accurately fits the group. The first and only prize will be six hundred points but this contest is only available to group members so join the group and you might win up to 600 :points: for you to use in whatever way you please.

You can increase the odds of winning this contest by incorporating your own artwork into the icon in some way. I look forward to all the submissions. The contest ends when I see ten or more commissions entered into the group although I may extend it to twenty if necessary.

There will be a folder specifically for the icon contest here.
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Literature and Poetry 2
Literature and Poetry
Rogue's nightmareThe following Marvel/DC crossover isn’t canon.Anna Marie Lebeau (aka Rogue) is now flying over Tupelo, Mississippi; she just visited Elvis Presley’s birthplace and the mutant’s bound for home. “My, tha’ was fun visitin’ The King’s house where he use ta live as a baby.” thinks the lithe brunette with white streaks in her hair. Suddenly, an unknown blonde woman appears out of nowhere in Rogue’s field of view and she’s smiling while having her arms crossed. “Hi there ! You must be Rogue, eh ? I’ve heard about your famed absorption powers and I’d like to challenge you to a fight.” tells the woman, who wears a white costume with blue boots and gloves; behind her, she has a red cape and her cleavage is plainly visible.“Jus' who da hell are ya, exactly ?” asks the bewildered woman. “The name’s Kara-Zor-L, but you can call me Power Girl. Like my illustrious cousin, I possess powers and abilities far beyond mortal men.” grins the tall and strong heroine. “Never heard ‘bout ya. But if ya’ll excuse me ‘Powah Gurl’, Ah must go back home: my hubby is waitin’ fer me.” replies the annoyed X-Men member. “Not so fast ! If you manage to vanquish me, then I’ll let you go home.” speaks the jovial woman, who’s now holding Rogue’s right arm.“Jus' let go of me, yer pissin’ me off !” hisses the mutant, who repels the airborne, blonde Kryptonian champion. As Anna flies away, she feels Power Girl’s heat vision that passes near her brown jacket. Next, Rogue decides to makes a U-turn. “Thassit, ya wanna fight, huh ? Yuh’ll regret yer stupid decision once Ah’ll absorb yer abilities and memories.” shouts the young woman. “Come and get me !” giggles Zor-L.Rogue attempts to catch her prey, but with her speed she’s moving too fast. Then, Kara begins to whistle the song Touch Me (I Want Your Body) by Samantha Fox and Lebeau looks at her with disgust. “Too slow !” smirks Power Girl while flying away from her pursuer, who nearly caught her. “This is gettin’ really borin’. But Ah didn’t shown ya what Ah’m able ta do.” declares the irritated brunette. After removing her gloves, Rogue gives herself a boost and flies at super-speed: she manages to grab the staggered heroine’s left shoulder.Surprisingly, after 15 seconds nothing occurs and Power Girl’s still smiling as before. However, Rogue begins to feel strange and her breasts are now expanding, slowly ripping her yellow and green tank top. “What’s happenin’ ta me ?” asks the panicked mutant. “My friend, I wanted to give you a valuable lesson: never mess with Kryptonians like me !” guffaws the lady in white, blue and red. “That’s not funny…” says the embarrassed mutant while covering her chest. After, she feels her body changing: her muscles are expanding and Anna’s clothes are progressively tearing apart. “PLEASE STOP THIS…” screams the woman as Power Girl looks at her with a naughty and mocking smile.***“Hey chérie (darling), wake up !” tells Remy Lebeau (aka Gambit) to his dreaming wife while frantically shaking her. The lovely couple are currently in bed in their Houma (Louisiana) rural house and Rogue yells in total fear and confusion. After catching her breath, she hugs her husband and begins to sob. “Ah just had that horrible nightmare: Ah was fightin’ some heroine named Powah Gurl and after usin’ my talent on her, my body became jus’ like her. Then, mah clothes ripped apart and it was so freakin' humiliatin’…” explains the tearful mutant. “It’s over ma douce (honey); like always I’m here for you.” softly tells the Cajun man with red eyes. “Thank you so much darlin’. Ah don’t know why Ah had that fearful nightmare.” declares Rogue before putting her face in her hands. “There’s an adage that goes by the following: be careful what you wish for. Maybe your dream was a fair warning about using your power on other people.” smiles Gambit. “Yer right: as of now, Ah’ll be more careful.” speaks Anna before kissing her galant lover.The end
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GIF PRISCILLA DARK SOULS COLD NIGHT :iconmakaymurakami:MakayMurakami 110 10
Like a Slumber Party by BlossomPPG Like a Slumber Party :iconblossomppg:BlossomPPG 177 16 It's candy time! by Kainkout It's candy time! :iconkainkout:Kainkout 907 45 Gyaru  Girl (OC) Commission by Sano-BR Gyaru Girl (OC) Commission :iconsano-br:Sano-BR 296 13 Zyra by Heriplayer Zyra :iconheriplayer:Heriplayer 61 5

Rules and Commissionable members


    1. Follow dA's rules, it seems obvious, but just do it 2. Make sure you put your art in the right folder. 3. All line drawings go into the LineArt folder PLEASE! 4. No photography, this isn't that kind of group. 5. No animals. All submissions must be human like. Anthro animals (furries) are okay, but they still need to be in the correct folders are if they were human.

That all I can think of right now, comment if you think I should add more.

I decided to add a list of members that take a commission.

If you want to be added to the list donate 5 points here and message me :iconayahana-manami: with whatever information you'd like to include.



•One fully rendered character (**) (*) 500pts
•One cell-shaded character (**) (*) 300pts
•One flat-colored character (**) (*) 250pts
•One character sketch (**) 200pts
•A vectorial illustration of a human face (*****) (***) 200pts
•A vectorial illustration of any object (****) 150pts
•A non-regular shaped realistic stamp (*) 100pts
•A regular stamp (*) 25pts
(*****)Can be from a reference picture (like a photo)
(****) - The output format is the original vector file
(***) - Only lineart
(**) - Without background
(*) - The output format is a transparent background PNG

I am taking commission for any indevidual characters.
I specialize in creating characters based on writen description(IE if you havn't / can't draw a character you want/have). But also easily draw from reference drawings.
Commissions are between 50 and 500 points. You get what you pay for so if you look at my gallery and see awsome digital work you are looking at the higher end. A high quality shaded pencil sketch is 50pts.
Message me with your idea and I will give you an aproximate cost. I also, (When requested) do a quick proof/rough sketch to make sure I have the idea right before working on the final project.

:iconcilios: is open for commissions.… Message him if interested.


:star: :star: Comission Information













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