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My Bio
Hello! I'm pretty-pegasus-wings, some call me just pretty for short of Azure as that's my main OC as seen above; I'm fine with whatever you decide to refer to me as. I'm an artist working to become an animator and writer/author who enjoys drawing pastel cartoon horses because why not? I, obviously, enjoy mlp, just about anything that has to do with animation from shorts, televisions, movie, history etc., video games (I'm a big hidden gem hunter), and lover of a good story. I've been drawing for three years, but only really getting into drawing in the last year.

You'll see a lot of mlp content here despite the fact I do have other interests but that's because I really enjoy drawing mlp characters and because I can't draw too much else, I can, technically, but not as well as these cartoon horses. Despite this, I focus mostly on original content prefer to make my own stuff up aside taking place in the mlp verse in some way. Azure, herself, despite being an mlp OC is completely her own and I do intend to put her into her own world with its own lore and so on. I focus mostly on OCs, very rarely drawing cannon character or anything else really, but I will some times. I draw mostly Azure as well, most of my content tends to focus on her in some way; she's a cartazonon and does have wings, she's just very fluffy. I also do write, so there is that.

I'm quiet a friendly person who does enjoy talking with others and making friends so if you'd like to talk and get to know me, maybe become friends, feel free to leave a comment or send a note. Just know if you do leave a comment, it may take me time to get to it. If you ask for a request, know that I most likely won't have time for it now. This also goes for art trades, unless you're willing to wait a long, long time, don't ask, otherwise, I always say yes to all art trades and collabs. I do enjoy RP as well if you enjoy doing that and are looking for somebody to RP with, I will accept, most likely (no NSFW please); I have tons of OCs if you're interested, just send me a note or leave a comment.

Well, if you managed to get this far, thank you, it's nice to know somebody took the time to read this. Thank you for checking out my page, if you gave a favorite, thank you, a watch, big thank you to you as well. To those commenting a thank you for something, you're very welcome and are awesome. Have a wonderful day!
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Hello! Sorry for all that silence. I know I keep saying I'd come back and everything, but hopefully, this time will be different. I've sort of been going through a rough patch for a while. It's why I've been so spotty. And then Eclipse happened and the layout and everything is so horrible, messy, hard to navigate, and non-user friendly. It made me not want to use the site too much, but it's also the only place I really want to use. So I guess I'm stuck until something better comes along! I'm starting to feel better, I think things are finally settling for good now. I'd also really like to post some of the stuff that I've been making because what's in my gallery doesn't reflect what I'm doing now. I also want to get back to posting and developing on things and go through the comments I got on grids and such and complete those. I miss making designs, it's so fun! I also haven't done much with Azure on here for so long. I know a lot of people love her, but more important, she's
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This is really late, but friend's hosting a raffle! Go check it out! Cute art prizes:
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I really enjoy your monthly audio drama reviews!

Thank you very much for the watch! :D
I really appreciate it ^^
I thought I was following you already 🔫🔫🔫 corrected my mistake 😩
Hi!! Just wanted to stop by and say i love your username *^*

I hope you're having a lovely day
Thank you for watching!!!